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Nothing like two years passing by to take time to update my blog.  Life has changed SO much but I have been wanting a space to publish a few articles and info that you may find handy.  I have fully immersed myself in the world of essential oils and a wonderful tribe of essential oil customers and team member who want to share essential oil love.  I am still in love with art and always will be.  Here you will find a little of both!

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Lots more to come on my love of Essential Oils. They support every system in your body and can do SO much for you!  So excited to share more with you!
Below is something that I shared on Facebook that I would love to share with you!

 I have a challenge for you. Look at the ingredients list for the items you have in your home to clean with. (Yes even the cutesy organic looking ones you pay a little extra for.) Look at the products you put on your body. Is “fragrance” within the ingredients? The word fragrance hides hundreds of chemicals that are very dangerous. And guess what- cutesy scented candles, cleaners, detergents, even scented trash bags are horribly bad for you! Stop buying them now.
Below are some alternatives that you can use essential oils for. BUT read the ingredients for those essential oils. There is no use buying cheap essential oils that have a bunch of synthetics and chemicals in them. What’s the point?
I trust and love Young Living Essential Oils. Here are a few hacks and tips that are EASY and will allow you to take the first steps toward removing toxins and chemicals from your home.  Don't have a starter kit yet with Young Living?  You will need one to utilize the tips below.  Get in touch with me and lets get you going! 

Instead of plug ins and room sprays and fabric refreshers that are BAD for you, make a room spray or diffuse oils. Some great oils for this? Lime + Bergamot. Purification, an amazing Young Living blend, Lemongrass, Lemon + Pine, Grapefruit, to name a few!
In a 2 Oz glass bottle
•add 15-20 drops of essential oil
•add a pinch of salt or a splash of witch hazel
•fill the bottle with distilled water, and shake up the bottle before you use each time.

ditch the dryer sheets and grab wool dryer balls instead. Chemical laden dryers sheets are SO bad for you.
some great oils for to add to your dryer balls? Purification, lemongrass, citrus fresh, lemon + lavender, Joy, Thieves

While we are talking about fragrance and chemicals, ditch the candles and diffuse oils instead. They don’t only smell amazing but they benefit your body, immunity, emotional welfare and stress. It’s absolutely amazing.
Diffuse thieves for immunity. Diffuse Cedarwood and Grapefruit for stress and sleep. Diffuse valor or peace and calming for stress support. And there is so much more!

until next time~ Kara


hello.... it's me.


Its been over a year since I have blogged. And didn't blog regularly for a while before that.  I heard from a internet business class that you can have your party in one place without any shame, which I have been doing over on Instagram.  (@kararosenberryco )
I am feeling the need to perhaps publish a little more content once in a while.  I have done so much in the last two years that its worth a little more than photos and a short caption.  I want to share a little more of that on here and will be doing more of that soon. Look for more content on some recipes that helped me completely change my lifestyle and lose a lot of weight,  my ever expanding love for vintage, my adoration for The Vintage Whites Market which has completely changed my business since I started participating in their show.  Also, how I have completely changed my business over the past few years as I started painting, and found a whole new creative avenue in my business.
I look forward to seeing you back here soon.  Have a great week!
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{good things}

(trader joes tulips for the win!)

hello! it has been a while! life and biz have been so busy it has been hard to blog but I have been up to so many wonderful things!  The last half of 2014 was booked solid. I produced a whole new Halloween and Thanksgiving line, did a holiday show and created lots of new items for that, traveled for the holidays for two weeks and prepared for the Vintage Whites Market in January in Loveland Co.  
that show was amazing as I felt my line had come full circle and was reaching its full potential.  The show basically rocked! 
entrance to the market. these ladies don't mess around.  
(my booth)

thankful for all the friends that helped and supported me and cheered me on! 

now I am trying to relax while catch up on orders, create lovely new items... 
new tea cup design... new in shop
new English Garden Social Note 
and tea cup recipe cards.  new items added every week! mostly every week:).  

Hope that this finds you well and you are enjoying what's left of winter and anticipating a lovely Spring! 
a girls weekend away with a friend produced this. jealous? 


{Thanksgiving Products --- new in shop}

hello friends! happy Friday! I have been working hard this week to add some Thanksgiving items to my Etsy Shop.  So Far the most popular item is the "I'm am Thankful for..." list cards which are perfect for sharing what you and your guests are thankful for around the Thanksgiving Dinner Table.  The gift tags and stickers are also very popular.  I am so excited to have this line and am very exited about the response this far . 

 Go to www.kararosenberryco.etsy.com to purchase and use the code "thankful" to save 20% off your whole order.  Christmas and other holiday items just added as well.  20% discount applies to everything in shop! 
happy shopping! 


{Happy Halloween} and a Halloween Trunk Show

I recently participated in my 4th Halloween Trunk Show hosted by the wonderful Sam Robinson, held at Leo's Garage in Denver.  I love doing this show and have totally fallen in love with the charm of this holiday as a result! 
I pulled out a Trunk Show Miracle and designed some amazing new designs the week of the show. This means they didn't make it to my online shop but they will be there next year, they were received very well and they inspired me to do some fun new Holiday designs. Win. Win. Win. 
New Flat Notes, Invitations and Halloween Folded Notes 
These darling stickers were a huge hit this year... there were displayed in such a cute way in vintage jello molds all contained in a vintage wooden box. 
(sticker display- photo via Casa Dos Mael) 
One of my favorite quotes introduced to me by my dear Autumn loving friend, Emily B. made it onto Postcards and also is available on portrait style note cards.
"Octobers" postcards on display. 

my entire booth set up... set up in a half hour flat.  dang I am good! (I don't recommend this at all!!) 
a little close up! 
beloved stickers. beloved jello molds. photo via Casa Dos Mael 
Halloween cards!!! Photo via Casa Dos Mael 
my more fall inspired table - photo via Casa Dos Mael 

This year is flying by!  Cannot believe it's already Halloween! Hope you have a lovely Halloween and start of November, lovelies! 


{Clever Wrapping} washi tape initials

a gift for my friend Meg...
a gift for my friend Vanessa-
(photo credit from Vanessa of Casa Dos Mael-love her styling!)
I love to wrap gifts and I think taking time to wrap a gift beautifully and thoughtfully
can make a gift that much more special.
One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts lately AND to use Washi Tape is to create Initials with Washi Tape when wrapping. Its a great way to personalize a gift and add some love (and it's quick!)
Its easy, fun and colorful!  and makes a fun impression!
 I love the patchwork look,  by mixing up different patterns with similar colors
or mixing up the colors too!
So the more washi tape varities you have, the better!
I feel like lately Washi Tape is everywhere.  I find that it used to be so hard to find, now it is at Target in the Dollar Spot, I spotted some the other day at Staples and also even see some at the Dollar Store these days.  I saw some lovely options at the Paper Source in Denver Colorado today.  My favorite patterns always include gold or florals.  Of course I think it is great to try and support your local stationary or gift store first.
Follow my Clever Gifting and Wrapping board on Pinterest. Click Here.
Hope this inspires you to try this idea on your next gift that you wrap!
xox kara


The Mermaid has arrived! and a Sale!

Hello and Happy Friday!
The Mermaid is finally here and ready to celebrate her happy debut! I am so in love with this design and I hope that you will be too! You can find the mini collection here!
My favorite item in this collection is the Fabulous Friend Collection which is truly full of sass and spirit.  A collection of 5 sassy sayings: Happy Birthday Lovely, Hello Darling, You are Fabulous, Many Thanks, Miss You Much.  They are perfect for your favorite girlfriends or as a gift.  There are 2 of each saying in the set or if you feel like you need more Birthdays and Thank You's,(for example) the package is customizable with a simple note to me thru Etsy. 
I can also do custom printing with this design for any occasion so keep that in mind. 
Thank you to my wonderful customer Tami who first ordered these and inspired this design. 
Please make sure you use the code "Mermaid" for a 10% discount on your order.  The shop has just been refreshed, there are some great clearance items and the coupon is
 good for 10% off your total purchase
(even if you don't pick a Mermaid Item!). 
Happy Shopping!