{Clever Wrapping} washi tape initials

a gift for my friend Meg...
a gift for my friend Vanessa-
(photo credit from Vanessa of Casa Dos Mael-love her styling!)
I love to wrap gifts and I think taking time to wrap a gift beautifully and thoughtfully
can make a gift that much more special.
One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts lately AND to use Washi Tape is to create Initials with Washi Tape when wrapping. Its a great way to personalize a gift and add some love (and it's quick!)
Its easy, fun and colorful!  and makes a fun impression!
 I love the patchwork look,  by mixing up different patterns with similar colors
or mixing up the colors too!
So the more washi tape varities you have, the better!
I feel like lately Washi Tape is everywhere.  I find that it used to be so hard to find, now it is at Target in the Dollar Spot, I spotted some the other day at Staples and also even see some at the Dollar Store these days.  I saw some lovely options at the Paper Source in Denver Colorado today.  My favorite patterns always include gold or florals.  Of course I think it is great to try and support your local stationary or gift store first.
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Hope this inspires you to try this idea on your next gift that you wrap!
xox kara