{England Love}

Well my goodness, I have been MIA since before Easter and with good reason.  I just returned from a 10 day trip to England and it was amazing.   It was my first time in Europe and I so loved it.  Let me tell you, Americans have nothing on these gorgeous and sophisticated European people.  They really know how to dress, eat and enjoy life.  We spent 6 days in Manchester for a family wedding which was quaint, cool and quiet and then traveled to London.  This may have included arrival to the busy city at rush hour with two Americans with lots of luggage attempting to take the underground in London.  This was quite an introduction and may have been a little much for this first time traveler to London but we did make it through the experience.

I have so many other great photos but these are a few highlights. My favorite London Breakfast was entirely charming and included the best latte I have ever had in my life.  Not kidding. It was called Piccolo Cafe and it was near Victoria Station. (I cannot find a link)  I just loved the chalkboard walls and all the vintage elements here and the food was rustic and filling.

I saw so many gorgeous  patterns and colors while visiting.  The tea tins, the fashion, the flowers blooming, the gorgeous architecture were all a feast for the eyes. The best part is that we have family there and friends so a return trip is definitely in order. 
More pictures to come. See you again soon.
 xoxo Kara