{Easter Joy}

Hello Friends, it has been a while since I have posted.  First of all, Happy Easter to you! I have been busy with some exciting new items that will be coming soon.  All I can say is keep you eyes peeled because I have an amazing new little collection coming out soon. I am also looking to have a few blogs host a giveaway for my new little collection so if you are interested, give me a shout.  This collection is full of romantic vintage charm, pretty pastel colors and just pure loveliness. There will be a gift from my collection for all my giveaway hosts so let me know!!!  

Easter this year isn't as it has been in the past.  Due to an upcoming trip, we are not traveling to be with my family and our good friends that we usually spent Easter with when in town just moved away.  Oh well.  We will make the best of it.

We are heading to England in a month for a wedding and I couldn't be more excited.  We will stay for 10 days.  We will be in Manchester and London so if you have any suggestions for me in those two cities, I would much appreciate them. Boutiques, eateries, cafes, tea shops, vintage antique or craft stores, etc.    

Happy Easter to you all.  Hope you enjoy time with family and friends.