{New Items and a new way to shop!}

Hello friends, St. Patrick's Day Cards and Easter Cards, are now listed in the shop and are available in Singles or Packages.  This is a new way to shop Kara Rosenberry Co.  Also I am giving you a choice to mix and match colors for the Easter Cards Packages and the caption for the Saint Patrick Day Cards, allowing a shopping experience that will fit exactly what you need.  I am always will to do this with my other designs too and will be working on making that more clear.  In the meantime if you need something special, just ask!

Also, shopkeepers, these items are available for wholesale.  Just message me for details.
just go here to take a look!



Last week, I  booked a last minute trip to the Big Apple.  We booked the trip on Tuesday and flew out on Sunday and flew back on Wednesday.  This is not how I usually would plan for a trip but sometimes spontaneous decisions pay off. That was the case with this trip. It was such a quick trip but it was totally amazing.  I barely had a moment to take everything in and it was time to leave. I cannot wait to go back sometime soon.  Goodbye for now, NYC!
Photos: Flying into NYC, my first glimpse. going down to Number 2, the Plaza Hotel.  I took this for my sister and nieces and nephew as we all love Eloise.  3.  Freezing cold and rain didn't keep us from seeing the sights.  4. Oh the food- amazing! pizza, NY hot dogs, kabobs and Shawarma, the bagels...  5. a last glimpse of the city on the way to the airport.  Until next time!


{the month of love}

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the colors, the sentiment, the chocolate and the flowers, the combination of red and pink.  I took some time to put together a little vignette in my home tonight and create the little image you see above.  I hope to share some more peeks of how I spend this month.  Starting tomorrow: a crafting night with a kindred crafty girl, a glass of wine, and a movie.   I will share what we come up with soon!

And here is how I welcomed Valentines day into my humble abode.

 Happy Month Of Love!
xoxo Kara