{Pinterest DIY}

Hello and Happy 2013, now that its January 24th.  Now that I am recovering from the holidays, and a very busy 2012, I have had some time to and spend some time being inspired on Pinterest-I am a huge Pinterest fan.  I usually try to pin often because as much as I pin, there is still an amazing amount of good content that I have never seen each time I am on the site.  

I was looking to do a lot of DIY for Christmas.  That didn't really happen like I wanted it to but I did find something that I really want to try very soon because I feel like I could really make some fabulous things.  I love the idea of getting some cheap white dinnerware, at the Dollar Tree or elsewhere and trying the below.  The basic idea is to get a permanent sharpie, I would pick a metallic, and do a design on the plate or mug or dish and then put it in the oven, the details are in the links below.  Is this something that you would try?

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My whole Pinterest DIY board can be found here.  I have some pretty fabulous stuff on there- it's worth a peek (in my humble opinion)!
PS I just realized that in my original title for this post (which has been modified) and in the photo above I spelled DIY wrong.  the new term is DYI- didn't you know?