{England stole a piece of my heart}

For Years and Years, I have had a thing for Paris.  I had never been to Paris but I loved everything about it.  The language, the culture, the beauty, the idea of Paris.  When my beau told me his brother was getting married in England, I had a slight disappointment that my first Trip to Europe would be to England.  I schemed on ways to make our way over to Paris, just two hours away by train.  It killed me to be so close to Paris but not be there. Ultimately, we decided since it was a family event for the most part that a trip to Paris just wouldn't work this time.
Once we arrived in Manchester, the cool air and quaintness of the town quickly won me over.  All of the people were so sweet and kind and proper.  I just loved it.   We were involved in a family wedding so a lot of time in Manchester was focused on that but I loved taking naps with the window flung open to the cool air and the streets below.  And the food was so fun too. 
Even a simple tea shop in the mall we visited had gorgeous floral tea tins and beautiful kitchen goods that  I don't see in the US normally, like a egg shell blue and white toaster and darling bread boxes and canisters in normal kitchen stores.  Sigh.

Then we took a train to Londer after a week for a short few days visiting the big city.  The rolling country side, hills and sprays of flowers on the roadside and darling cottages on the side of the roads with little gardens made my heart skip a beat.  There were woolly sheep, cows and horses in the pastures and it so reminded me of my home state, Nebraska and of my Grandma who lived on a farm here whole life.
         ...Then we arrived in London and I felt like the city swallowed me whole.  Our introduction to the city was at rush hour in the
underground was terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  Like I said, I had never traveled internationally and a quiet week in Manchester preceded the London trip so the contrast was stark.  Once we settled in, we walked around our neighborhood near Victoria Station and I was enamoured with all the little cafes,. the food, the grocery stores that had brioche in the regular old bread aisle and containers of creme fraiche like yogurt in the dairy section.  When overlooking the city from a high place the very size and history of it was so beautiful.  When touring the streets, the rows and rows and rows of old buildings and architecture were amazing.  The history and the beauty of it was stunning.  \We only had 2 full days to tour London and it was not enough.  We left London reluctantly but knowing that because friends and family live there, that we would be back. 

Last week there was a commercial for a Windows Phone featuring London.  I recognized landmark after landmark and had pleasant memories of each.  I see photos of Kate and William and their little prince and try and recognize where they are and admire their subtle style,  I see pictures of a shoot in the English Countryside for the Fall JCrew catalog and my heart has a memory of similar scenes. I see a Liberty of London floral print and get inspired...

I would love to go to Paris one day soon but I don't feel cheated by the fact that I haven't visited yet.  England was so lovely and was such a great country to visit.  Its fair to say I left a piece of my heart in England and I absolutely cannot wait to visit again.    


{fall is here!} and a sale!

I don't know how the weather is in your neck of the woods but here in Colorado, it feels like Autumn has arrived.  I was finally able to wear boots again this week and I was downright giddy.  I will have a celebrate with a PSL this weekend.  PSL? Whats that? It is the abrievation for the Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  Didn't you know?  My friend Jeanne Oliver recently posted a recipe for a more natural version of the PSL.  Go here for the recipe. 

(for some reason my linky button isn't working so above is the full link!)


Apple Butter- I want to learn how to make this heavenly stuff.

Canning- itching to learn how to can! Want to make my own preserves and can some stuff up.

Almond Milk- all the thickness and yuminess of cream or whole milk but none of the fat. I buy the unsweetened original

In other news, I am getting ready for a fabulous Halloween Show here in Denver.  If you live here, you really must come.  www.halloweentrunkshow.com has information for the show.

I just added my halloween items to the shop and reorganized it so that more of the fall items are on the first page.  www.kararosenberryco.etsy.com.  Use code Autumn for 15% your purchase.  Custom Items are included.

Have a great week!


{something new: painting}

Hello hello hello.  Lately I have been immersed in a new hobby, painting.  I have always been able to paint, but not like lately.  I took a few art classes, one from Lizzie Mara, and several from Jeanne Oliver that have so me so much about mixing colors, adding pattern, and just playing more.  I have quite a bit to show you but for now will stick with this sweet pup that I did for my friend Chelle.  She is obsessed with Dachshunds and so I did this for her.  and she just loved it.  I love the little details like the color with a gold heart and the word adore written on the body of the dog. 
I have done more paintings since and just invested in some canvas to do some holiday artwork, Halloween and Christmas.

The next set of paintings really has me excited so I will be back to share those soon.  Happy Weekend.

For more information on the artists that I have learns so much from, please visit the below links.
Happy Creating my dears!


{"Mint" to be}

If there is any color that I cannot get enough of lately it would be mint green.  I love to pair it with gold, coral or blush pink.  World Market has some eye catching items in this hue that I thought I would share with you.

                               World Market has stepped up their game lately, I must say. 
                                   Here are the items that I know I am "mint" to own. 
 I don't often make cakes that I lug around (honestly, I really don't make cakes often at all) but all the same, this is lovely cake tin does belong in my kitchen/ Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier $24.99
                              I mean, come on, right?/ Mint Ceramic Chalk Spice Jar  $4.99
At the super reasonable price of $12.99 this item is already in my kitchen
holding all my coffee and espresso supplies/ Mint Scalloped Jar $12.99


Happy Holiday Weekend (& my birthday weekend!)

(photo Source Martha Stewart Living Magazine 07.12)

Hello! I thought I would pop in and wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!  I am off work until Monday and am also looking forward to celebrating my birthday on Saturday. No big plans yet except that I insist on taking some time to go to my pool at least a few times this weekend.  What are your plans?  Hope whatever you do is safe and fun!



I am almost tempted to just say an official goodbye to my blog lately as my once-evey-5 -weeks-posts aren't really cutting it lately.  Life has been totally crazy ever since we got back from England.  My work schedule changed so inctead of working at home 3 days a week I am not in the office 5 days a week thru at least August.  This has been a huge adjustment for me as most of my "me time" and creative time is gone now.  I am finding ways to make it work, but honestly it hasn't been easy. 
photo by moi
I am still working on a new line of vintage inspired stationary goods and I am so excited on how it is coming along.  I am mostly done with the artwork and hope to have it out this summer.  My original goal was May but with my work schedule changing that had to be pushed back.  but there will be lots of pretty pastel florals, and there may even be a little bunting thrown in, lots of mint green, gold, peach, pink and coral.

I did my first hired logo design job this last week- the client found me thru Instagram which is so cool.  Once the logo is posted to her site, I will share it with you.  I learned so much thru the process, mostly about photoshop which I try and avoid at all costs typically but with my new found skills, I will be using it more often.  Special thanks to my friend Emily who helped me out on that project, even accepting phone calls at 10:50 PM with questions.   {Wink}

photo by moi
My other goal even with all the time I don't seem to have lately is to enjoy summer.  I have a gorgeous pool where I live  that I plan on using often and I hope to take advantage of lots of farmers markets and get togethers with friends. Speaking of friends, I feel like I haven't been the best friend to others  lately.  I have SEVERAL people I haven't seen in the longest time that I really need to get together with and I hope they don't think I am avoiding them.  I am so blessed to have so many people in my life that I just adore and I thank them for their patience as I push thru this time right now. 

Happy Summer to you! Hope to be back here sooner than later!


{England Love}

Well my goodness, I have been MIA since before Easter and with good reason.  I just returned from a 10 day trip to England and it was amazing.   It was my first time in Europe and I so loved it.  Let me tell you, Americans have nothing on these gorgeous and sophisticated European people.  They really know how to dress, eat and enjoy life.  We spent 6 days in Manchester for a family wedding which was quaint, cool and quiet and then traveled to London.  This may have included arrival to the busy city at rush hour with two Americans with lots of luggage attempting to take the underground in London.  This was quite an introduction and may have been a little much for this first time traveler to London but we did make it through the experience.

I have so many other great photos but these are a few highlights. My favorite London Breakfast was entirely charming and included the best latte I have ever had in my life.  Not kidding. It was called Piccolo Cafe and it was near Victoria Station. (I cannot find a link)  I just loved the chalkboard walls and all the vintage elements here and the food was rustic and filling.

I saw so many gorgeous  patterns and colors while visiting.  The tea tins, the fashion, the flowers blooming, the gorgeous architecture were all a feast for the eyes. The best part is that we have family there and friends so a return trip is definitely in order. 
More pictures to come. See you again soon.
 xoxo Kara


{Easter Joy}

Hello Friends, it has been a while since I have posted.  First of all, Happy Easter to you! I have been busy with some exciting new items that will be coming soon.  All I can say is keep you eyes peeled because I have an amazing new little collection coming out soon. I am also looking to have a few blogs host a giveaway for my new little collection so if you are interested, give me a shout.  This collection is full of romantic vintage charm, pretty pastel colors and just pure loveliness. There will be a gift from my collection for all my giveaway hosts so let me know!!!  

Easter this year isn't as it has been in the past.  Due to an upcoming trip, we are not traveling to be with my family and our good friends that we usually spent Easter with when in town just moved away.  Oh well.  We will make the best of it.

We are heading to England in a month for a wedding and I couldn't be more excited.  We will stay for 10 days.  We will be in Manchester and London so if you have any suggestions for me in those two cities, I would much appreciate them. Boutiques, eateries, cafes, tea shops, vintage antique or craft stores, etc.    

Happy Easter to you all.  Hope you enjoy time with family and friends.



{New Items and a new way to shop!}

Hello friends, St. Patrick's Day Cards and Easter Cards, are now listed in the shop and are available in Singles or Packages.  This is a new way to shop Kara Rosenberry Co.  Also I am giving you a choice to mix and match colors for the Easter Cards Packages and the caption for the Saint Patrick Day Cards, allowing a shopping experience that will fit exactly what you need.  I am always will to do this with my other designs too and will be working on making that more clear.  In the meantime if you need something special, just ask!

Also, shopkeepers, these items are available for wholesale.  Just message me for details.
just go here to take a look!



Last week, I  booked a last minute trip to the Big Apple.  We booked the trip on Tuesday and flew out on Sunday and flew back on Wednesday.  This is not how I usually would plan for a trip but sometimes spontaneous decisions pay off. That was the case with this trip. It was such a quick trip but it was totally amazing.  I barely had a moment to take everything in and it was time to leave. I cannot wait to go back sometime soon.  Goodbye for now, NYC!
Photos: Flying into NYC, my first glimpse. going down to Number 2, the Plaza Hotel.  I took this for my sister and nieces and nephew as we all love Eloise.  3.  Freezing cold and rain didn't keep us from seeing the sights.  4. Oh the food- amazing! pizza, NY hot dogs, kabobs and Shawarma, the bagels...  5. a last glimpse of the city on the way to the airport.  Until next time!


{the month of love}

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the colors, the sentiment, the chocolate and the flowers, the combination of red and pink.  I took some time to put together a little vignette in my home tonight and create the little image you see above.  I hope to share some more peeks of how I spend this month.  Starting tomorrow: a crafting night with a kindred crafty girl, a glass of wine, and a movie.   I will share what we come up with soon!

And here is how I welcomed Valentines day into my humble abode.

 Happy Month Of Love!
xoxo Kara


{Pinterest DIY}

Hello and Happy 2013, now that its January 24th.  Now that I am recovering from the holidays, and a very busy 2012, I have had some time to and spend some time being inspired on Pinterest-I am a huge Pinterest fan.  I usually try to pin often because as much as I pin, there is still an amazing amount of good content that I have never seen each time I am on the site.  

I was looking to do a lot of DIY for Christmas.  That didn't really happen like I wanted it to but I did find something that I really want to try very soon because I feel like I could really make some fabulous things.  I love the idea of getting some cheap white dinnerware, at the Dollar Tree or elsewhere and trying the below.  The basic idea is to get a permanent sharpie, I would pick a metallic, and do a design on the plate or mug or dish and then put it in the oven, the details are in the links below.  Is this something that you would try?

Source: 1/ 2/ 3

My whole Pinterest DIY board can be found here.  I have some pretty fabulous stuff on there- it's worth a peek (in my humble opinion)!
PS I just realized that in my original title for this post (which has been modified) and in the photo above I spelled DIY wrong.  the new term is DYI- didn't you know?