{the art of gifting}

the definition of Gifting: present participle of gift (Verb)Verb: Present (someone) with a gift or gifts:

For many years I have enjoyed the art of gift giving.  For me, half of the specialness of the gift is in the wrapping of the gift.  I love to wrap a gift in a special way.  My favorite look is simple with a touch of loveliness. I am not much for the regular gift wrap you might buy at a store (unless its totally fabulous).  Instead craft paper, or newsprint is my favorite.  I love to add a special touch of pretty ribbon, washi tape, twine, or a pretty label or a copy of a vintage postcard tied to the handle to make it special.

I have dedicated a pinterest board to the art of gifting and packaging and the photos above are some of my favorite pins.  You can visit my pintesest board here

As you start to think about gift giving this holiday season, think about a way to wrap your gifts in a special way, so that the recipient knows you took time to not only pick the gift but also to wrap it and make it special for them.

Happy Wrapping!

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