{she's 100!!!}

Oh, what a wonderul week it was.   On Tuesday, My Grandma turned 100 on Tuesday August 14th.  She is still alive, she is still beautiful, she still has moments when she is still very much herself.

Last weekend, we traveled to Nebraska to celebrate this mighty fine woman.  We threw a party on Saturday, something she loved to do, ate good food, caught up with family, and best of all, wished my Grandma a wonderful 100th birthday.  I was fortunate enough to be able to get to do her invitations, and help my mom with the flower arrangements, which I will share soon.  Everything turned out lovely.

The highlight of the evening was singing Happy Birthday to my Grandma.  She is in and out of it at times, her eyes closed a lot, but when we sang Happy Birthday, she was fully alert, singing with us and waving at all of us gathered around her.  I couldn't help but cry after that.

I was telling a friend this week, after looking at all her wonderful photos from long ago, I fell even more in love with my Grandma and am so proud of her.  She lived in the middle of the country in Nebraska but was always very stylish and poised.  There is a photo of her up on a horse in overalls yet there is something so beautiful about her.

You might have seen that Julia Child would have been 100 on Wednesday August 15th.   Earlier this year, my sister discovered that my Grandma was born only a day before her.  I think that is just remarkable.

Have a wonderful weekend!


{Hello August}

Where in the world have I been? I realized I haven't blogged for a whole month.  Maybe the longest time ever that I haven't blogged.  It wasn't intentional. Life has changed a little in the last month.  All in good ways.  My 9-5 job is now allowing me to work from home.  I am kind of getting used to a new life, routine, quietness, happiness, etc.  It has taken some getting used to.  It has helped me save money, be more present in my home, clean sort organize, cook more, eat out less, sleep more. It is quite amazing.

I also had a birthday (July 6th) so we traveled to Kansas to spend time with dear friends and their kids for 1.5 days, got to eat Kansas City BBQ and spend time with people I hold dear to me.  Then went on to Nebraska. I got to spend my birthday with family and spend my dad's birthday with him as well. 

My sister and I got to visit a favorite jewelry artist. Bobbi Lukow who sets up a beautiful booth at the farmers market every week, and bought eachother gifts for our birthday by picking out what we each wanted for ourselves and then buying it ourselves.  Funny, right?

I also go to go to some Antique stores, found some gorgeous old scales, little stacking bowls, a sweet little tea towel, and the beautiful cake plate pictured in the photo directly above- Milk Glass with gold Fleur de Lis and tiny trios of polkadots.  Swoon. 

When I got back to Nebraska I got together with kindred spirit Emily and exchanged gifts for our July birthdays.  She bought me the most lovely gifts from French Market (in both pictures above) that I am just loving.  She is a new mom and I was totally impressed that she took time out to order me those lovely items.  Aren't they gorgeous?  She also gave me some of her gorgeous earrings that she makes that are nice and big but don't hurt  your ears. At all.   

Other than that, as I said, just getting used to a new routine and way of life around here.  I cannot promise when I will be back, hopefully soon!

Have a great week!  (and Happy Birthday Elle Victoria! I love you darling girl!)