{a sweet soiree}

I have so much to post about and I intended to blog about this last Monday but time got away from me.  I have had a busy and fun few weekends lately.  Last Saturday, I co-hosted a baby shower and then on Sunday, my sister and youngest niece came to visit me as they were in town for the weekend.  My sisters birthday was the previous Monday (June 4th) so I wanted to celebrate with her and my niece Sophia.

I had mostly everything set up before they came but I thought it would be fun to go to the store with Kim and Sophia to pick out some more cupcakes and get the pink lemonade we would be drinking. A cupcake stand was set up with a few gluten free & vegan-yet delish Raspberry Cupcakes from Sugar Mama. A bowl of Almond Shortbread Cookies left over from the shower the day before also were on hand {also by Sugar Mama- they broke into pieces on the way home from the shower- my fault but still so good} Strawberries were in a bowl waiting patiently in the fridge for the party and paper straws were waiting in pretty and non matching glasses on the table.  
I placed my sisters gift on the table in front of her seat.  When Kim and Sophia and I came back into my apartment,. I instructed Kim to close her eyes and wait.  I requested Sophie to help me add the chocolate cupcakes to the cake plate and add the cupcake flags.  She did so happily, excited to be included.  I poured the lemonade, retrieved the strawberries from the fridge and called for my sister to join us.  I think she was somewhat surprised that I had the table set so sweetly. I am not the kind of girl that usually has things like this put together...the trip to the store with her probably led her to conclude that I was totally unprepared-I was only about 35% unprepared. :)   The three of us sat down and enjoyed a little soiree on  a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Oh it was so fun! As you can see, Sophia was so happy to be a guest and was such a good little helper. 

Have a great week!


{here comes the weekend}

Have you noticed that a lot of my posts are aboutt the weekend?  Only because I live for them.  Everyday that I get up for work, I count down, How many more days to the weekend?

This weekend I am sort of busy. 

Photo 1. I am co hosting a shower for my dear friend to welcome her darling little son into the world.  We are having a Little Mister themed shower complete with lots of bowties.  I will do a blog post about it because, I promise, it will be darling! The bow tie cut outs above are from the design I did for her invitation.  The image is enlarged and will be used for some sort of decor.   I cannot say too much because I dont' want to give away everything as she reads my blog often!

Photo 2. Last night I got to go to the pool for the first time this season.  My building where I live was built in the 1930's and I so enjoy the beautiful pool area.  I hope to get out there for even a few minutes again this weekend.

Photos 3 & 4. My youngest niece and sister are in town and for years my niece Sophia has been wanting to see my apartment.  While we are there we will celebrate my sisters recent birthday with some cupcakes and pink lemonade.  I am fortunate enough to get to see my loved ones very often and I don't take that for granted. 

Looking forward to a fun and busy weekend! I hope you are too!


{Birthday Wishes and a coupon code}

{photo by moi}
Today is my sisters Birthday.  This blog and my card company most likely wouldn't exist without her.  She is one of my biggest support and fans.  She calls and leaves me voicemail with design ideas and ideas for new products.  She tells people all around about my blog and shop.  {She is the hardest working unofficial and unpaid PR person} 
She even hosted my first trunk show in her house when she was 8 months pregnant with twins and on bedrest.  

She and I are shopping partners, she has always had a tremendous influence on my style, she and I talk on the phone often, and share a lot of inside jokes that we continue to laugh about often.  Happy Birthday Kim-Thank you for all that you are to me!

I have been working on Inserts for Etsy orders and shows and thought I would share a discount with all of you that read my blog.
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I just reloaded some gift tags, recipe cards, cupcake sticks, and of course note cards so there is plenty to look at.   
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Have a great week!