{for the love}

On Friday I discussed my love of collecting.  This is a favorite find from this past winter, while driving from my homestate of Nebraska back to Colorado.  We stopped at a Goodwill in a small Nebraska town and I found these.  I just love them.  and I just love Milkglass.  The set of the lovely creamer and sugar dish was $4 total.  And it is Milkglass, a favorite collectible of mine. 

Pretty cute right? (the photo was taken at night but i think it kind of makes the glass glow in a milky sort of way. 

On another note: Goodbye Picnik, I shall miss you.  Have you tried Pic Monkey yet to edit your photos??  Its sort of great with all kinds of fun options.  Have you tried it yet?

 Blogger also seems to have updated its post settings overnight and it is SO MUCH better now to write a blog post now.  Anyone with me?


{collecting treasures}

If you have been following my blog for any time at all you would know that I have a thing for
collecting, estate sales, and thrifting.

It started with antique Salt and Pepper Shakers & vintage buttons.
Then I added dishware and Milk glass, linens, cake tins.
I am also being more drawn to old books and vintage ephemera. {Wow}
It does help that I have sold lots of vintage items in the past at shows and such.
Bring in the new, get rid of something you have had for a while, right?

I used to go estate sale shopping with my friend/partner in crime almost every Friday there for a bit and it was divine. My schedule changed and so I cannot do this as easily anymore. But my heart does skip a beat when i get an email from the Estate Sale company about an amazing sale. Oh well, it is probably for the best! I still do manage to hit up some great shop every once and a while and market season is on its way!

What do you love to collect?


{Easter Recap}

For Easter Weekend I was happy to travel home and spend it with my family. We had a wonderful time but it went so fast and was very busy. My mom needed a piece of art for her basement where some foundation work had been done. I offered to make a collage with her as you see in photos 1, 3 & 5.

Here is a recap of the weekend.

1} A part of the collage-my mom wanted to use a Bible Verse for this piece, Psalm 91:4 Under His wings you will find refuge. Thus a bird inspired piece. All of the Vintage Images are from The Graphics Fairy Blog

2} Thanks to my friend Emily, I had the idea to make Greek Yogurt Cheesecake for Easter Dinner. It was delicious and easy. Go here to get the recipe and to see her take on the dessert.

3} Another part of the collage- it was my grandfather's signature that was on a lovely old piece of sheet music.

4} My brother is a chef and he brings our family so much joy when he cooks for us. He had just been to Italy so the menu was influenced by his trip. Here, he and my niece Colette are making fresh pasta for Easter Lunch.

5}Lovely rose added into our collage. I did the painting in the background.

6}Easter Lunch Appetizers. Totally amazing.

All photos are by moi-via Instagram. P.S. Instragram is now available for the Android market. Download it!