{Finding the Lovely} week 4

This is the 4th and final week of linking up with Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor for Finding the Lovely. I have so enjoyed it!

The week of photos is pure sweetness inspired by my first photo of the beautiful colors of ice cream from an outing on Saturday. The only way I can describe this set of photos would be peachy keen- or pretty in pink. Enjoy!

1. Ice cream at Sweet Action in Denver- they keep aim to keep you happy with flavors like Lemon Ricotta and Blackberry Lavendar, Salted Butterscotch and the list goes on and on.

2. My Valentines bouquet started to look sad so I took it apart and made several small arrangements. This was my favorite.

3. Lovely paper and tags from the new shop Fawn & Flora. Full of cute tape, fabric, papers, ribbons and other fun things {and very reasonable prices!}

4. Fabric Shopping with my friend for her babies nursery at Fancy Tiger in Denver, after a lovely brunch. It is easy to be inspired here!

5. Siggis Skyr. Delicious yogurt- and the cutest packaging- Low in sugar with lots of lovely flavors. Add a little granola and agave nector and you are set. this was a little snack for me at work.

6&7. Ikea Plant Containers that I use for Creative supplies! I LOVE these and they are less than $3 each. the K in picture 6 is from Hobby Lobby.

8. Beautiful Cream and white buttons from Fancy Tiger.

9. the view from my sofa. {a side note- a design tip on Bravo this week was to keep the decor items on a surface to 2 or 3. That isn't happening here! I love layers of items, and little collections, everywhere!}

10. A painting by the dear Lizzie Mara and a Liberty of London candle packaging that I am still holding onto.

11. more button loveliness from Fancy Tiger.

12. I couldn't resist adding this photo in. This was a sweet booth a the Horseshoe Market this summer in collaboration with Emily of Fern and Flora. We always have the loveliest little booths in my opinion.
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Thank you so much Jeanne and Kimberly . This was so much fun!


{ i heart art: Henri Matisse}

I have long been an admirer of Art. Mostly French. Mostly Impressionism- and that is where my knowledge of the titles ends! I cannot pretend!

I shouldn't have dropped out of Art History back in college.

I am diving deeper into the world of art again while taking an e-course from Jeanne Oliver and am finding new inspiration things I love from the past. I am reminded that I adore art and my favorites include Henri Matisse, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall, Raul Duffy and current Artists, Lizzie Mara, Cori Dantini, Jeanne Oliver, Janet Hill.

The artists I love tend to have a few things in common-

these ooze femininity and color, sweetness and lovely objects or women.
I plan to do a series feature of my favorite Artists and the first one I pick is Henri Matisse.

I find much inspiration in this piece for using pattern in my own work- the two wallpaper patterns, the two rug patterns the clothing and the tablecloth. It is quite perfect really.
I dare say I find a little home design inspiration in Matisse's work. Perhaps you do too?

beautiful and feminine. Love the colors and boldness of this piece. {PS I want her wallpaper and rug!}

This piece was a favorite of mine and my sister's. This was my first beloved Matisse Print.

The colors in this piece are my favorites. Once again, brilliant mix of patterns and color.

and finally a few words from Matisse:

What I take away from Matisse is his ability to mix strong patterns and colors and to let go and let the whimsy take over. And I want to use his layering of patterns in color in my future work.
Also Matisse makes me want to make add a little more whimsy to my home!
I hope that this post inspires you to think about your favorite art and what inspires you!

to look at my pinterest page of art i love go here.
for more Matisse images, go here where all the images above were taken from.
for a biography on Matisse go here.


Finding the Lovely, Week 3

{click on image to enlarge}

This week I am linking up with Jeanne Oliver for week 3 of Finding the Lovely.
Here we go!

1. New bowls and a little spice jar from Anthropoligie that I found over Christmas. A collection of milk glass in the background from various thrifting and goodwilll excursions.
2. A rather whimsical lamp from 5 Green Boxes in Denver.
3. A completed order of Note Cards for Happy Cakes- 90 of my single cupcake cards in total. This one says, Cupcake, Be My Valentine.

4. Speaking of cupcakes, these are from Happy Cakes, shared with my beau.
5. ruffled pink carnations, from my Valentine. {love carnations!}
6. A lovely chandelier, at The Kitchen in Boulder Co.
7. Love the packaging that I did for an order for Bluebird Notes, this one has been in my phone for a while but I love this image.
8. My ever changing shelf with Milk Glass, a glittered K, a vintage book, a lace bowl and Eiffel Tower Ornament.
9. Vintage papers tied up with twine.

I believe the word Lovely is the most used word on my blog. I am quite sure of it!

I have a date planned tomorrow with a girlfriend, brunch and shopping so I plan to have lots of great photos to share next week! Have a great weekend!

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LOVEly Wishes

Happy Valentines Day to you! Today I wish you lots of love, chocolate and flowers. I compiled a few LOVEly images for you today. I have to say, I miss Valentines Days of the past when you decorate a showbox with foil and paper hearts and wait for the Valentines to pour in. I guess I have always been a crafter and paper kind of girl. Have a lovely day!

“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).” -e.e cummings

a kara rosenberry co. design


spread a little love today.

a little Vintage Valentine for you today. This one is so sweet.

These are so lovely!


{finding the lovely} objects of my affection

{Please click on image to make it larger and more clear! xo! blogger isn't cooperating today! } This week I am linking up with Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor who dreamed up a perfectly lovely idea. During the month of February, they decided to try and find the lovely more with their cameras that are on their phones. Lord knows, I love to snap photos of inspirational objects and things that inspire me. This week, I am focusing on Love, Valentines, and the objects of my affection.
1. Vintage Valentine Goodness. This one is perfectly lovely.
2. Anthro K mug with candy sticks that sits on my pantry.
3, Vintage Typewriter. Need I say more?
4. Snow day- snowed in for 2 days. I was so happy!
5. Brunch with a friend
6. Pastries at The Kitchen in Boulder
7. Another Vintage Valentine
8. an old French Image hangs at my desk, at work.
9.Bee Hive Sketch that I did for this piece.10. Fun image at the Denver store 5 green Boxes
11. A candlelit winter's eve at my home
12. A girls night at my dear friends house complete with ice cream, compote and candied walnuts.

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{crafting some love for Valentines Day}

Hello my friends! It is high time I did a post on my blog. I cannot believe that Valentines Days is only a week away. I had some many plans to craft up some candles and post my Valentines collection on my Esty shop but that just didn't happen. I do happen love the color scheme in the photo above for Valentines day--- love a little blue or turquoise in the mix. I have always loved pink and red together, which makes Valentines Day a favorite day to me. The kit above is just darling and can be found here among many other sweet things.
What will you be doing for your Valentine? Are you keeping it simple? Whatever you do, I am sure it will be LOVEly--- so please share.

Check back on Friday for some Valentine's and winter. See you then!