A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Friends! I hope your holiday season is merry and bright! I am with family celebrating Christmas this year and looking forward to a week off from my 9-5 job.   Hope your Christmas is full of time with people you love, hot cocoa or a glass of wine or two, and lots of lovely gifts.

Merry Christmas!


{winter crafting}

1) wooden gift tags, glittered and adorned 2) Winter Wonderland Wreath  3) Paper gift tags, ready for use 4) wreaths at a show 5) gift bags ready to use

While preparing for a few shows this holiday season, I was feeling very inspired and crafty.  I was inspired by Pinterest among other things to make this holiday season of shows special.  I was inspired to make yarn wrapped wreaths adorned by sweet little what-nots, glittered wooden gift tags, paper gift tags with washi tape and ready made gift bags, perfect for giving on the go.  I cannot take all the credit for all of the items above.  When back at home for the holidays, I had a table full of helpers, making these things with me. 

I was so happy with how everything turned out and even happier with the reaction of my customers.  All of my sweet wreaths sold, so sad because I was hoping I could keep at least one! and people responded well to the items that would help them give gifts more beautifully.  I hope to expand some of the gift items, and maybe even the wreaths in my etsy shop.  I leave the season of holiday shows refreshed and inspired to make more. 

Happy Holidays!


{Painting Windows and a show}

Hello Friends. It has been a little while.  It has been busy, and that is okay.  So last weekend I had the chance to do some window painting in a popular square in downtown Denver.  I was asked to paint the windows of a shop called Chocolatier Blue.   I had so much fun, created a little holiday masterpiece and got to try some delicious chocolates as well.  It was such a fun day. 
photo 1.  Holiday Filigree and the top of the cake plate with chocolates and stacks of chocolate boxes. 2. a wreath on the door.  3. More detail of the cake stand with chocolates. The other window I did isn't pictured.

If you ever have a chance to try these chocolates, they are amazing.  They have locations in California, Nebraska and Maine. 

Also in other news, above is information on a holiday show that I am participating in this weekend, along with my talented friend from Fern and Flora.  If you are in Denver, please come and join us.   We would love to see you!

Hope your december is going well! xox kara


{the art of gifting}

the definition of Gifting: present participle of gift (Verb)Verb: Present (someone) with a gift or gifts:

For many years I have enjoyed the art of gift giving.  For me, half of the specialness of the gift is in the wrapping of the gift.  I love to wrap a gift in a special way.  My favorite look is simple with a touch of loveliness. I am not much for the regular gift wrap you might buy at a store (unless its totally fabulous).  Instead craft paper, or newsprint is my favorite.  I love to add a special touch of pretty ribbon, washi tape, twine, or a pretty label or a copy of a vintage postcard tied to the handle to make it special.

I have dedicated a pinterest board to the art of gifting and packaging and the photos above are some of my favorite pins.  You can visit my pintesest board here

As you start to think about gift giving this holiday season, think about a way to wrap your gifts in a special way, so that the recipient knows you took time to not only pick the gift but also to wrap it and make it special for them.

Happy Wrapping!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4


{saying goodbye}

 A little over a week ago, a dear soul left this earth.  My dear Grandma passed away last Friday October 19th.  In a way it was sudden but in many ways it wasn't.  She just turned 100 in August and it was her time.  The picture above was the view from the cemetery where she rests now.  A perfect view of the crops and country side she loved so much. 
The best thing about saying goodbye to someone we love (so much) is remembering them.  We had many hours of laughing, crying and remembering her.  She was an amazing woman.  She shared so much of herself with everyone else and was never worried about herself.   

 She influenced me in so many ways.  She gave me a love for old and worn items,  and gave me a place in my heart that melts when seeing an old tattered barn or a vintage clutch.  She was always accessorized with a pretty necklace and earrings, in a way that was effortless.  She was famous in our memories for making waffles, quiche, and rice krispie treat bars with peanut butter, and cakes for all our birthdays among so many other things. 

She was in a rest home for the last 5 years of her life after suffering a stroke that left one side of her body paralyzed.  She wasn't able to quilt or crochet anymore but she still  had such a desire to make things that she would paint on tea towels or frost a cake with her good hand.  I love her for that.  She never gave up. 

 I will miss her so much.  We were so blessed to have her with us all those years.  I told my brother upon her passing that she is in heaven in the quilting circle and she is the head of the activities committee up there. 

I Love you Grandma.  I am so blessed to call you mine.


{new halloween items and sale!}

hello how is your fall going?  I had a very successful Halloween trunk Show a few weeks ago and discovered a wonderful holiday to design for! I posted the new halloween items in my shop.  Go here to visit.  but before you go... grab the sale code listed down below for 15% off anything in my whole shop.  This ends October 31st. {PS just listed all of my holiday cards too!} Happy Shopping!

{photo by kara rosenberry co.}


{fall crafting}

 fall crafting kara rosenberry co. style
1. grab a little bit of yarn, some vintage paper and some buttons and whip up some darling mini wreaths.  I love these and I want to make many more and sell them in my shop! (love love love them)

2.  a fabulous and inspiring craft show to make product for- come see me on Saturday.  Details here!

3. A holiday that I have never designed for makes for new and fun designs, and lots of orange and black (and craft paper too).  I prefer to do Halloween in a chic and glittery way.  How about you?

Grab a pumpkin spice latte and craft away! 
Happy Fall!


{halloween trunk show}

Brewing a medley of artisan vendors withhand-crafted delights, vintage finds & botanicals.
Enjoy tasty homemade treats by Erica McNeish.

hello denver friends and kara rosenberry co. fans.

I am so pleased to be a part of this wonderful show next Saturday on 9/29. I will be at the show from noon until about 4:30 as a vendor. (the show goes until 6 but I have to sneak out a little early)

I will be making some darling Halloween Invitations, some Spooky Notecards, Cupcake Sticks, Stir Sticks, and Candles. 
(lots of glitter will be involved) 
I will also have some lovely fall inspired items (because I love fall). 
This is the ultimate way to celebrate the start of fall.  If you come, come hungry as Food Stylist and Chef Erica McNeish will be there with the most amazing food. I hope to see you there!  

visit here for more details.


{ready for fall}

I don't know about you but I am totally ready for some cooler temperatures and fall weather.  We had a dose of it last week and I was so happy heading into work when there was a chill in the air.  Fall is my favorite time to accessorize so today's post is all about that.

Leopard Scarf from JCrew-in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with  a touch of leopard.
Pendant Necklace from Fern and Flora- love this color combo
Beautiful Seafoam Green and Brown Rosette Pin also from Fern and Flora- Perfect for a scarf or sweater
Purple Detailed Flats Old Navy-perfect way to mix color into your wardrobe. Also available in a lovely mushroom color.

Also, the fall drinks are back at Starbucks.  Cheers to Pumpkin Spice lattes and Salted Carmel Mochas.

Are you ready for fall?


{she's 100!!!}

Oh, what a wonderul week it was.   On Tuesday, My Grandma turned 100 on Tuesday August 14th.  She is still alive, she is still beautiful, she still has moments when she is still very much herself.

Last weekend, we traveled to Nebraska to celebrate this mighty fine woman.  We threw a party on Saturday, something she loved to do, ate good food, caught up with family, and best of all, wished my Grandma a wonderful 100th birthday.  I was fortunate enough to be able to get to do her invitations, and help my mom with the flower arrangements, which I will share soon.  Everything turned out lovely.

The highlight of the evening was singing Happy Birthday to my Grandma.  She is in and out of it at times, her eyes closed a lot, but when we sang Happy Birthday, she was fully alert, singing with us and waving at all of us gathered around her.  I couldn't help but cry after that.

I was telling a friend this week, after looking at all her wonderful photos from long ago, I fell even more in love with my Grandma and am so proud of her.  She lived in the middle of the country in Nebraska but was always very stylish and poised.  There is a photo of her up on a horse in overalls yet there is something so beautiful about her.

You might have seen that Julia Child would have been 100 on Wednesday August 15th.   Earlier this year, my sister discovered that my Grandma was born only a day before her.  I think that is just remarkable.

Have a wonderful weekend!


{Hello August}

Where in the world have I been? I realized I haven't blogged for a whole month.  Maybe the longest time ever that I haven't blogged.  It wasn't intentional. Life has changed a little in the last month.  All in good ways.  My 9-5 job is now allowing me to work from home.  I am kind of getting used to a new life, routine, quietness, happiness, etc.  It has taken some getting used to.  It has helped me save money, be more present in my home, clean sort organize, cook more, eat out less, sleep more. It is quite amazing.

I also had a birthday (July 6th) so we traveled to Kansas to spend time with dear friends and their kids for 1.5 days, got to eat Kansas City BBQ and spend time with people I hold dear to me.  Then went on to Nebraska. I got to spend my birthday with family and spend my dad's birthday with him as well. 

My sister and I got to visit a favorite jewelry artist. Bobbi Lukow who sets up a beautiful booth at the farmers market every week, and bought eachother gifts for our birthday by picking out what we each wanted for ourselves and then buying it ourselves.  Funny, right?

I also go to go to some Antique stores, found some gorgeous old scales, little stacking bowls, a sweet little tea towel, and the beautiful cake plate pictured in the photo directly above- Milk Glass with gold Fleur de Lis and tiny trios of polkadots.  Swoon. 

When I got back to Nebraska I got together with kindred spirit Emily and exchanged gifts for our July birthdays.  She bought me the most lovely gifts from French Market (in both pictures above) that I am just loving.  She is a new mom and I was totally impressed that she took time out to order me those lovely items.  Aren't they gorgeous?  She also gave me some of her gorgeous earrings that she makes that are nice and big but don't hurt  your ears. At all.   

Other than that, as I said, just getting used to a new routine and way of life around here.  I cannot promise when I will be back, hopefully soon!

Have a great week!  (and Happy Birthday Elle Victoria! I love you darling girl!)



Happy Summer

What I love about summer:
Not much usually if I cannot be near a pool or air conditioner, but alas here is my list:

Fun Accessories, nail polish, and scarves in your hair.

Pool Time


Frozen Yogurt

Good Salads

Maxi Dresses and maxi skirts  {Somehow I cannot get used to the word maxi paired with a skirt or dress but I am trying}

Good book reading by the pool

Summer vacations { miss being a kid or a college student and having a whole summer off, just adding that in}

Bright Colors

These are just a few things that I love---What do you love about Summer?


{a sweet soiree}

I have so much to post about and I intended to blog about this last Monday but time got away from me.  I have had a busy and fun few weekends lately.  Last Saturday, I co-hosted a baby shower and then on Sunday, my sister and youngest niece came to visit me as they were in town for the weekend.  My sisters birthday was the previous Monday (June 4th) so I wanted to celebrate with her and my niece Sophia.

I had mostly everything set up before they came but I thought it would be fun to go to the store with Kim and Sophia to pick out some more cupcakes and get the pink lemonade we would be drinking. A cupcake stand was set up with a few gluten free & vegan-yet delish Raspberry Cupcakes from Sugar Mama. A bowl of Almond Shortbread Cookies left over from the shower the day before also were on hand {also by Sugar Mama- they broke into pieces on the way home from the shower- my fault but still so good} Strawberries were in a bowl waiting patiently in the fridge for the party and paper straws were waiting in pretty and non matching glasses on the table.  
I placed my sisters gift on the table in front of her seat.  When Kim and Sophia and I came back into my apartment,. I instructed Kim to close her eyes and wait.  I requested Sophie to help me add the chocolate cupcakes to the cake plate and add the cupcake flags.  She did so happily, excited to be included.  I poured the lemonade, retrieved the strawberries from the fridge and called for my sister to join us.  I think she was somewhat surprised that I had the table set so sweetly. I am not the kind of girl that usually has things like this put together...the trip to the store with her probably led her to conclude that I was totally unprepared-I was only about 35% unprepared. :)   The three of us sat down and enjoyed a little soiree on  a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Oh it was so fun! As you can see, Sophia was so happy to be a guest and was such a good little helper. 

Have a great week!


{here comes the weekend}

Have you noticed that a lot of my posts are aboutt the weekend?  Only because I live for them.  Everyday that I get up for work, I count down, How many more days to the weekend?

This weekend I am sort of busy. 

Photo 1. I am co hosting a shower for my dear friend to welcome her darling little son into the world.  We are having a Little Mister themed shower complete with lots of bowties.  I will do a blog post about it because, I promise, it will be darling! The bow tie cut outs above are from the design I did for her invitation.  The image is enlarged and will be used for some sort of decor.   I cannot say too much because I dont' want to give away everything as she reads my blog often!

Photo 2. Last night I got to go to the pool for the first time this season.  My building where I live was built in the 1930's and I so enjoy the beautiful pool area.  I hope to get out there for even a few minutes again this weekend.

Photos 3 & 4. My youngest niece and sister are in town and for years my niece Sophia has been wanting to see my apartment.  While we are there we will celebrate my sisters recent birthday with some cupcakes and pink lemonade.  I am fortunate enough to get to see my loved ones very often and I don't take that for granted. 

Looking forward to a fun and busy weekend! I hope you are too!


{Birthday Wishes and a coupon code}

{photo by moi}
Today is my sisters Birthday.  This blog and my card company most likely wouldn't exist without her.  She is one of my biggest support and fans.  She calls and leaves me voicemail with design ideas and ideas for new products.  She tells people all around about my blog and shop.  {She is the hardest working unofficial and unpaid PR person} 
She even hosted my first trunk show in her house when she was 8 months pregnant with twins and on bedrest.  

She and I are shopping partners, she has always had a tremendous influence on my style, she and I talk on the phone often, and share a lot of inside jokes that we continue to laugh about often.  Happy Birthday Kim-Thank you for all that you are to me!

I have been working on Inserts for Etsy orders and shows and thought I would share a discount with all of you that read my blog.
You can receive 10% off any Etsy order/ including custom orders by entering "repeat" in the coupon section of my etsy shop. 
This offer doesn't expire and can be used again and again.
I just reloaded some gift tags, recipe cards, cupcake sticks, and of course note cards so there is plenty to look at.   
visit my etsy shop by clicking below.
Have a great week!


{Indie Wed Denver}

My friend and frequent trunk show partner, Emily of Fern and Flora graciously asked me to join her in a booth for the Indie Wed Denver show on July 31.  Judging from their past event photos, like the ones from Milwaukee above, it is going to be a fabulous show.  Not only is it a bridal show, but it is also a market so people can buy our goods.  I am so pleased and excited to finish off my bridal line for this event.  I plan on taking my current designs, the bee, the chandelier, the pear, the dragonfly, for example, and creating the wedding invitation line I have always wanted.  I will also showcase my cupcake sticks and stir sticks that will also host my designs.  Emily will be showcasing her gorgeous bridal accessories.  I couldn't be more excited!


{Happy Weekend}

Ah at last! a three day weekend is ahead!  Memorial Day is here and it isn't a moment too soon. We plan to kick back, relax, (work on a few orders- not so relaxing) and see where the weekend take us.

There is a new frozen yogurt spot in my neighborhood that is amazing.  They have Strawberry Rubarb Puree, local granola and baked goods, , gluten and dairy free products, dark chocolate covered honey comb as a topping  (how have I never had this before).  It is going to be my new favorite, I do believe!

So this leads me to ask, (and so does the photo above)
What is your favorite? Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
Whatever your weekend brings you, I hope its fabulous!


{friday find: French Market}

While online last night I stumbled upon this site- {French Market} This site is quite the deal.  If you love French, Shabby, Vintage, Girly- this site is fabulous!  I mean Fabulous!  {If you already knew about this site and didn't tell me about it, you are in trouble!}

It seems that they cater to large events too, like wedding escort cards and gift bags.  They have mulitple Etsy sites depending on the quanites you might need. 

This is a new favorite site for me and I hope you enjoy it too! Go here to get started...

Stunning, right?


{sister weekend}

Just this last weekend my sister flew in to see me for a 4 day visit.  We had such a good time together, as we always do.  We started off with a late lunch at a very rustic/French eatery in downtown Denver called The Kitchen.  We had goat cheese and beets, Blue Cheese, Cranberry Walnut Bread and with local Honey, wonderful Entrees and to top it all off, a lovely piece of Lemon Tart.  What a way to start our weekend.
We had makeovers from Bobbi Brown, got lots of shopping in, a little at the mall but mostly at local Boutiques....
Kara and Kimberly.  We should have taken more photos together.  We realized this on almost the last day! 

On Sunday, we spent the day crafting at my place. We covered notebooks with lots of lovely paper that I collect.
I managed to come up with a new idea with the help of my sister, and made these adorable ribbon and spool bookmarks adorned with vintage paper, glitter and buttons. We made so many beautiful things that day that I will share with you all soon.

My apartment got a little makeover too.  I bought this lamp a few months ago for $5 at the Goodwill but needed a shade.  My sister and I went to Target and found the perfect shade and place for it in my house.  After she left, I went to the grocery store and bought myself some carnations as a little pick me up that I could enjoy this week.

Family is so important and I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life who I get to be related to!  Hope you are having  a great week!


{for the love}

On Friday I discussed my love of collecting.  This is a favorite find from this past winter, while driving from my homestate of Nebraska back to Colorado.  We stopped at a Goodwill in a small Nebraska town and I found these.  I just love them.  and I just love Milkglass.  The set of the lovely creamer and sugar dish was $4 total.  And it is Milkglass, a favorite collectible of mine. 

Pretty cute right? (the photo was taken at night but i think it kind of makes the glass glow in a milky sort of way. 

On another note: Goodbye Picnik, I shall miss you.  Have you tried Pic Monkey yet to edit your photos??  Its sort of great with all kinds of fun options.  Have you tried it yet?

 Blogger also seems to have updated its post settings overnight and it is SO MUCH better now to write a blog post now.  Anyone with me?


{collecting treasures}

If you have been following my blog for any time at all you would know that I have a thing for
collecting, estate sales, and thrifting.

It started with antique Salt and Pepper Shakers & vintage buttons.
Then I added dishware and Milk glass, linens, cake tins.
I am also being more drawn to old books and vintage ephemera. {Wow}
It does help that I have sold lots of vintage items in the past at shows and such.
Bring in the new, get rid of something you have had for a while, right?

I used to go estate sale shopping with my friend/partner in crime almost every Friday there for a bit and it was divine. My schedule changed and so I cannot do this as easily anymore. But my heart does skip a beat when i get an email from the Estate Sale company about an amazing sale. Oh well, it is probably for the best! I still do manage to hit up some great shop every once and a while and market season is on its way!

What do you love to collect?


{Easter Recap}

For Easter Weekend I was happy to travel home and spend it with my family. We had a wonderful time but it went so fast and was very busy. My mom needed a piece of art for her basement where some foundation work had been done. I offered to make a collage with her as you see in photos 1, 3 & 5.

Here is a recap of the weekend.

1} A part of the collage-my mom wanted to use a Bible Verse for this piece, Psalm 91:4 Under His wings you will find refuge. Thus a bird inspired piece. All of the Vintage Images are from The Graphics Fairy Blog

2} Thanks to my friend Emily, I had the idea to make Greek Yogurt Cheesecake for Easter Dinner. It was delicious and easy. Go here to get the recipe and to see her take on the dessert.

3} Another part of the collage- it was my grandfather's signature that was on a lovely old piece of sheet music.

4} My brother is a chef and he brings our family so much joy when he cooks for us. He had just been to Italy so the menu was influenced by his trip. Here, he and my niece Colette are making fresh pasta for Easter Lunch.

5}Lovely rose added into our collage. I did the painting in the background.

6}Easter Lunch Appetizers. Totally amazing.

All photos are by moi-via Instagram. P.S. Instragram is now available for the Android market. Download it!


{girls only weekend}

Recently I was invited to go and spend the weekend out of town at the home of this lovely lady, Emily B. Emily was a faithful customer who has turned into a good friend. She is clever, witty, creative and oh so sweet. I drove about 1.5 hours out of Denver on a Friday afternoon and was embraced by a wonderful hostess, homecooked meals, my own guest suite and lots of r & r.

Emily took me to an amazing antiques store in the downtown section of her sweet town. It was AMAZING! These prices were out of control low, (not like in Denver at times). I went thru 2 booths and already had about 8 items at the counter on hold. It was fabulous! pretty fabulous, right?

Top off this trip with a little bit of Starbucks and some Mexican food and lots of shows on Bravo and a girly movie. To top it all off she helped me with business stuff too. It was perfection and just what I needed. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends.

Thanks Em!


{welcome spring}

Spring immediately brings me back to my love of pastels.

this arrangement is lovely!

{shameless self promotion- but they are perfect for spring!

kara rosenberry co. Bee cards on pale pink}

just too sweet for words.

just so very Spring.

pretty fabrics for Spring at Fancy Tiger- Denver.
photo kara rosenberry

I still feel like it should be January, but alas tomorrow is the first day of Spring! I guess I better just embrace it! I am joining Fabulous K today for her Spring Link Party. Join in the fun and go here.


Happy St. Pat's Weekend!

{ design by kara rosenberry co. & St. Patricks Day Treats From Work}

May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire. -an Irish Blessing

I hope your St. Patricks Day Weekend is full of Green, Fun and Family.

{wishing the little Irish Dancers in my family, Colette, Elle & Sophia an extra special day!}


{color crush: Green: St. Patricks Day}

After making lots of Saint Patricks Day goods last week, I am noticing green all over and loving it. Saint Patricks Day is coming right up- so get yourself some green! Being a red head, green has always been a color I gravitate towards. Green becomes a little sweet when you start adding in Mint Green and Seafoam hues. It is really one of my favorite colors.

Enjoy my green picks!

{Seafoam & Gold upcycled earrings, a new item by my friend Emily at Fern and Flora. I think this is such a lovely color combination!}

A candle I adorned last week from Vintage Seed Packs and glitter and a bit of cream and gold twine. I think that vegatables have never been so glamerous. Thinking of adding candles to my etsy shop. These are going to be for sale in Omaha at my nieces Irish Dance Festival on Saturday.

love the mix of the shades of green in this kitchen


pencils covered with Vintage Gaelic Book pages.

this is darling. Made in Ireland.