{farewell 2011}

Happy New Year to you!

May it be safe, warm and full of promise!


{Christmas Craft}

Over Thanksgiving, my family and I started adorning these candles. Earlier this summer some non holiday candles were made for the Horseshoe Market, but after using glitter on some cards this winter, I wanted to make some Holiday Candles.

These candles are technically prayer candles and are scent free and super reasonable at the Dollar store or perhaps your nearest Latino Market. I collected the image from a vintage image website {the Vintage Fairy Graphics Blog} and went to town adding glitter.

The whole family {at least all the girls} becamse involved. My 12 year old niece and sister in law, my sister and my mom all joined in the fun. My parents sunroom soon had a glittered covered floor and my brother refused to give me a goodbye hug lest he also be covered in glitter.
I had plenty of fun ribbon, twine yarn and vintage buttons to trim the candles with.
Above are some of the non holiday candles we made, great for gifts. I took these to a show last weekend and sold quite a few... ! Another candle adorning party is set for this weekend to make some for gifts for my friends and family.

Oh what fun this was! what crafts have you been creating for the Holidays? Paper Chains, little gifts for friends, or holiday decoration? or all of the above?


{art night: oranges, honey & wine}

I have a new piece of art hanging on my walls.... painted by moi!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a mixed media class with artist Lizzie Mara. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lizzie for about 5 years now and she is a Denver treasure. I went to her home for a mixed media class and had so much fun! I learned so much too! The painting above "Miel" {French for honey} is what I came up with at the end and it was so unexpected. Lizzie enouraged me to be more loose and whimsical. I haven't always felt super comfortable with paint as I am with pencil or a pen. But I think I am catching on, thanks to Lizzie.

We munched on papaya chips from Trader Joes, fruit leather, Clementine oranges, and chocolate and drank red wine. I was so focused on my piece that I barely had anything to drink! Of course the set up was all so lovely. Lizzie puts a lot of love into things like this.

1. Lizzie had us do some sketches and brainstorming with words before we started. She also asked us to bring scaps of paper and other little pieces we might want to include in our piece. I have been preparing for this kind of thing for years and had plenty of options to bring to the table!

2. Whenever I had painted before I didn't do layers and background colors so I wasn't used to adding texture and color in the background to build on as I painted. this is what I started off with. I penciled in graphite honeycombs to add texture.

3. I added in a golden yellow and a mint green- I didn't picture the mint green in the piece at first but it was something I added in after another class mate mixed up the color for their piece. I added in pieces of vintage book paper, raffle tickets, sheet music and lace doilies for the leaves of my wreath. My beehive came together before my eyes and it was so fun to see it come to life, with the help of Lizzie.

When I got home I added a little {maybe more like alot} of white ink to piece to finish it off. I love the finished product. Lizzie sent me home with a ribbon to trim my piece with, which I will add when I have some time. This class was a highlight to my year and I want to make more pieces now! It was so much fun and so great to create just for the sake of creating.

A few surprises to me:

1. I didn't expect my piece to be so whimsical at the end.

2. I didn't expect there to be so much color in my piece- honey, amber, chocolate, teal and mint all made surprise appearances that I didn't plan when I started.

3. Good things hppen when you let go and breathe. Yes they do.

Looking back at it now, I might have used a little less white ink to finish it off but what is done, is done. I still love the piece.

thanks Lizzie! ***As a side note, Lizzie has a company called Treat Designs. I encourage you to add follow her company on Facebook. She has many darling things coming out from her darling company.


{Holiday Show}

Hello! If you are in Denver, come and visit me this Friday night or Saturday at my friend Tiff's house. I have been doing this show at Tiffanys house now for several years. She is one of the coolest people I know, and so is her house. The deal is, if you are selling something, you bring a bottle of wine and some food, and then you set up shop and chat with a bunch of fabulous people all weekend. It is a lot of fun. It is great for me as I haven't started shopping yet!

I will be selling some amazing goods this time around. Fern and Flora will also have some lovely goods on hand as well. I will be selling note cards, holiday cards, vintage ornaments, fabulous candles, Recipes Cards, Vintage Aprons, Lace Bowls and so much more. I am in the mood to clear some items out so the prices will be super affordable. Plus there are lots of other Denver vendors selling fabulous handmade goods. Please join me for relaxing, pressure free shopping! I would love to see you!