{tis the season}

{photo by moi, at 5 Green Boxes, Denver Colorado}

It seems that the discussion of Christmas is being happening earlier and earlier these days. As a crafter and business owner, I am always starting holiday designs and prep very early, which makes me feel like Christmas is tomorrow. {but it isn't}
I, on the other hand, do not feel ready to start shopping for Christmas gifts. I guess I need to start feeling ready! I am getting there however.
1. Last weekend I bought 2 large bags of vintage Christmas ornaments for $4 total {thrifting while on a road trip} Some to keep, some to sell, some to give as gifts to my friends who love that kind of thing.
2. I am compiling my Christmas wish list slowly but surely.
3. I am thinking of great gifts I can get for the loved ones in my life.
4.I am finishing up with holiday custom orders which is a great feeling. {however it isn't too late to order something custom from me for the holidays!}

So I am getting there. A little reminder for you, get some of those Christmas gifts crossed off your list by shopping my sale. You can receive 20% off your entire order by entering Holiday at the point of sale. Recipe Cards, Note Cards, Cupcake Sticks, Christmas Gift Labels, etc!

go here!


{Patina} a Denver Treasure

In Denver, we have a wonderful assortment of boutiques, and shops that I adore. Patina is one of them. I don't visit as often as I would like, but I plan on visiting more now. When I visited last time, the shop had been transformed into a Holiday Wonderland, full of mercury glass, ornaments and glitter. They also have my holiday cards in stock. {Yay!}

While you are there you might run into vintage postcards and darling flashcards, sweet charms for necklaces, vintage microscopes and cameras, Spools of twine {those get me every time}, and so much more.

Why don't you come on out to Denver and join me! After shopping we will go across the street and visit Sazza for some scrumptious pizza and salad. It will be so fun, I promise!


{Happy Cakes}

I am so proud to have had my cupcake cards at Denver's best cupcake shop, Happy Cakes for many years now, since they first opened. Just recently, they started carrying my line of Cupcake Sticks.
Recently they had a Holiday Open house and featured my ice skate cupcake sticks in Cream and Blue and also my Mitten Cupcake sticks. I also made a Garland for them to hang over their display. I added a little glitter to a few of the sticks and they turned out so pretty.
This photo was sent to me by one of the owners as I wasn't able to make it that day. My holiday Cupcake Sticks and Stir Sticks are now available by special order at Happy Cakes. Below is the sample sheet I did for special orders for Happy Cakes for my Cupcake and Stir Sticks.

(forgive the crooked image!)

Once again these aren't in my shop but if you see a design above that you would like for a Cupcake Stick set(s) or Stir Sticks for the holidays, just email me at hello@kararosenberry.com. I have been too busy to add items to my Etsy shop lately!

Happy (cup)Cakes to you!

xo kara


sparkle & shine

Recently I filled an order for a local Denver shop, Patina. The owner, Joy, wanted me add glitter to my designs which I usually never do, to keep things simple. Well I went ahead with the glitter request purchasing some Martha Stewart glitter and glue. I also drew up these two new designs, a snowflake trio and a pinecone. Due to many other orders that week I had one night to add glitter to 72 cards. Wow, I will never do that again. I did perfect the art of adding glitter to my work that night and will continue to offer that service.

I haven't added these to my shop yet but aren't they pretty?




{life is sweet}

life is sweet in so many ways

time with friends

talking with my sister on the phone {almost everyday}

a delicious dinner out and a long chat

a day of crafty ideas and future plans with a like minded friend

antipation of the upcoming holidays

cupcakes, always cupcakes


bittersweet times make the sweet times all the more special:

my good friend lost her mom suddenly this week.

her mom was her best friend and my friend is lost.

all of this has me thinking about the moments we take for granted.

x's and o's



{all the latest}

1, First of all, Hello and Happy Friday!

2. Isn't the above piece by Cori Dantini just amazing! I LOVE her work. You can see more here. Cori used to live in denver and I remember seing her work around town at least 15 years ago. I have always admired her work but she has really evolved thru the years and her work now , well WOW is all I can say.

3. I hand glittered 72 cards last night for an order. Thought it would be a breeze and go fast. Hmm, not so much. I am traumatized and exhausted today. (traumatized might be a strong word but I am keeping it in there)

4. I am not doing any holiday shows this season, okay maybe just one at my friend Tiffany's house. This is the first time in 7 years that I won't be doing any shows. Freedom feels good but a little sad sometimes as it is something I am so used to doing.

5. I am concentrating on online and retails orders, which so far have been keeping me very busy.

6. I have been cooking a lot lately.

This week I made Quinoa Risotto with chicken. (Made the sauce with a little skim milk, parm cheese, garlic and a dab of flour. Add thyme, sea salt, whatever else and YUM) Make up a big batch of Quinoa before hand and put it in the fridge. Add the quinoa to the sauce and let it heat up. add Chicken or Shrimp or whatever. Very Good!

I made these recipes up myself so everything is kind of done to taste.

I also made Smashed Apples. Chop up apples, add them to a mix of water with agave nector and cinnamon. Let them boil until the apples get soft and then take a masher and mash them up.

Great for breakfast, a snack or dessert and Delish!

7. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I cannot wait for Sunday, a day to relax finally!