shop update and giveaway

{dans le cuisine de....recipe cards}

{nest gift or favor tags}

{nest cupcake sticks}

{strawberry recipe cards}

{bee recipe cards in pink}

Yesterday I added lots of new items to the shop. I still have more to add.

I am doing a giveaway and the winner will receive a sweet little package
with 2 packages of recipe cards, 2 packages of gift and favor tags

and 2 packages of cupcake sticks.

{the winner gets to pick the items they want}

to enter:
leave me a comment and say hello.

for additional entries:

1. become a follower of my blog and leave another comment.
If you are a follower already, let me know with a comment.

2. spread the word on your blog, facebook or twitter. this will earn you 2 extra entries.
leave a comment with the link please!

The giveaway will end on Monday September 5th and will be announced soon after.



{the makings of a vignette}

this is one if the little vignettes I have created on a shelf in my apartment.

I find the colors very soothing yet glamorous.
vintage chalkboard. estate sale{$2}
Sparkly K. Talulah Jones Denver
Eiffel Tower {christmas ornament} a gift that I use year round
Sea Green Vintage Book. Estate Sale
Mini Vintage Camera. A Parker Colorado Antique Shop
Mini Potted Flower. hmmm, I don't recall!
I have a lot of favorite items that I have collected thru the years.
what is your favorite item in my vignette?


{fabulous finds Friday: vintage graphic heaven}



This week I died and went to vintage graphic heaven. Oh my goodness.

Have you been to the website Vintage Fairy Grapics? found here.

I cannot believe I didn't know about this before. It is full of amazing vintage graphics. It is really quite amazing. I hope you go and visit because you won't be disappointed.

Have a great weekend! My plans include very little work and a whole lot of sleep and relaxing.




{butterfly in the sky}

Last week, while in the midst of getting ready for the Horseshoe Market,

I had a custom order to finish for a butterfly party for 3 year old Ava.

I already did her invitations with corresponding stickers but I had to finish her
thank you notes and also made some favor tags as an added bonus.

I think they turned out to be pretty sweet. The will be available in my Etsy Shop soon! I think I also need to design a butterfly for grown ups too.
Maybe something a little more sophisticated.

xo kara


{horsehoe fever}

It's almost market time! I will be joining Fern and Flora at the Horseshoe Market

tomorrow in Denver from 9-4 at 46th and Tennyson.

we will be selling fabulous candles, note cards, cupcake sticks and recipe cards, vintage inpired accessories (headbands, necklaces and ruffle rings) milk glass, vintage goods,

handmade table runners, & doily bowls.

We are so excited and we hope to see you there!

{I have so much to do before tomorrow and am pretty tired at this point. Hoping I can

soar above my fatigue and make this happen.}


Happy Weekend to you and if you are in Denver, please visit us!



{to keep or to sell?}


Help! I cannot decide what to do! Part of the hard part about collecting and selling vintage items is that you want to keep everything you find. I do pretty well with selling items but once and a while I find something that is hard to part with. Like this Cake Tin that I scored for a steal of a deal at the goodwill last week.

I saw it on the shelf and swooped in like someone else was after it too. I looked around after I grabbed and realized no one else was interested. I felt a little silly but none the less, I got what I wanted.

So now, I don't know if I can part with it! After adding a price tag on the handle, I put it on my white farmhouse table next to my eiffel tower pillow and now I really don't know if I can sell it! What would you do? Money in the pocket or a pretty on the table?

I have to decide by Saturday.
Put your 2 cents in, pretty please!


{recipe cards, a new item!}

My friend Emily B. has been asking me to make these for years, and finally with her help and a little nudge, I am going to start carrying recipe cards!!! I have about 10 different designs so far {chandelier, cupcake, bee, girly circus, etc.} and cannot wait to post them on Etsy. There are even some special creations for all you "I love anything French" fans!

I am going to start selling them at the upcoming Horseshoe Market on Saturday. Speaking of the Market, it is going to be a busy week getting ready, but I am up for the challenge. If you are in Denver, please come. It is the best outdoor market of the summer.

Have a great week!