{summertime love via pinterest}

Well, it seems that summer is officially here.

It has been hot and sunny here in Denver. and it is almost July. Cannot believe that!
here is some summertime inspiration via pinterest.

{source} Love these summer pastels.
{source} where is this vintage station wagon going? I wanna know!

we had a few station wagons growing up. My favorite place

on a trip was in the special fold up seat in the way back, reading a book.

{source} how lovely would this view be?

On a beach, with a cold drink in hand?

{source} a clam bake? yes please.
Summer just doesn't have the same meaning as an adult. Oh to be a kid again.


wish list {birthday edition}

with my birthday coming up right around the corner(july 6), I thought it was a perfect time to update my wishlist. {this is really not very subtle, right?}

{lovely, lovely}

love this by my kindred spirit Emily at Fern and Flora.

The best part about it (besides that lovely layer of swiss dot fabric}

is that it is a headband, and a clip and a pin!

You can wear this so many different ways.

by another denver company Barberry and Lace

or this scent looks to be lovely as well

{i am such a sucker for a good name and fab packaging!}

good stuff right?


{berry sweet}

i don't know about you but this time of year I cannot get enough fruit.

nectorines and peaches

Speaking of watermelon, earlier this week I had pinkberry watermelon frozen yogurt with
watermelon puree and fresh watermelon chunks. How refreshing and delightful.

what is your favorite summertime food?


{something new}



well it is time to make some lifestyle changes. This last week I had a knee injury and it is a wake up call to get myself into gear and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Now if I only had a private chef and a personal trainer! The good news is that there are so many resources out there on the www and that is amazing in itself.

I am not going to start a blog about it and am not going to promise regular posts on this blog but from time to time, I will be posting about what is going on with this change I am trying to make.

few positives:

1.Summer is a great time to start with all the fresh produce, farmers markets and activities that are around.

2. I have been working out since December and that is a great thing in itself. I cannot say it has been totally regular but you have to start somewhere, right? {thanks em}

3. I have a great support team.

so here's to something new!



{cupcakes and strawberries and a special wish}

Last weekend I was in my hometown with my family for the holiday weekend. My sister's birthday was coming up so we decided to make cupcakes.
My dad and I started the process making simple cupcakes from a white cake mix that was in the pantry. My mom came home and added almond extract to the mix and made the frosting. {yum} She also suggested we use a small vintage cake pan to make a small cake that you see in the middle. It came out so cute!


My niece Colette who is oh so chic wanted to use my origami cupcake sticks that I had with me
and I thought we could use fresh strawberries to garnish the other half of the cupcakes.
She and I took turns frosting the cupcakes and I have to say, she and I had so much fun and I think we did a rather good job. {my 11 yr old niece took a lot of the photos too. I say she is on her way to being a lifestyle expert} We also had an impromptu photo shoot for my strawberry birthday notes. We had a lovely afternoon.

Oh and the cupcakes turned out to be quite delish.


Happy Birthday to my sister, who celebrates tomorrow, June 4. I love you Kim and you bring so much laughter and happiness to my life. I love the time we get to spend together and wish you the happiest of birthdays.


Have a great weekend everyone!


{new in shop: strawberry birthday notes}

{strawberry birthday notes}

My newest design in my etsy shop is the strawberry birthday note design. Growing up around my house strawberries were a favorite. They are my mom's favorite fruit and they remind me of her. The note cards can also be customized to say "thank you", "hello" or have a name or anything else you wish.

Don't forget I am offering free shipping with the word VINTAGE or 15% off with the phrase WEEKEND!

see you back here soon.



{oh so pretty!}



a little inspiration for you this week. this last weekend weekend, my sister brought home these flowers from the store, packaged in a paper bag. They had to be photographed!

I had a wonderful weekend with family, back in my hometown. My brother is a chef and we had the most amazing food all weekend long. Also I got to decorate cupcakes with my niece and they turned out so cute. I will be sharing a few pictures of those soon.

Hope you are having a great week! kara