{bon voyage}

hitting the road this weekend
going to Dallas on a roadtrip.
about 24 hours will be spent in the car this weekend.

I am bringing:

a sketchbook with pencils & pens
my nookcolor with a new book, going to read The Help
my camera- hoping for some good shots

Hoping for:

Even tho this really isn't a trip of leisure, I am hoping to visit a Dallas boutique or flea. Armed with the Design Sponge City Guide I am hoping to visit a shop or two on this list.
I would love to visit Ikea again.
Hoping to happen on a cute coffee shop or eatery that will sweeten up the trip.

See you next week!


{kitchen wishes}

love this sunny kitchen
love the shelving
and all the pretty things on display
love the wallpaper
love the tea tins
love yellow
oh how pretty is this kitchen?
I love the rough island
the worn cupboards
the Paris Cafe Area
the No. 2
what do you love in a kitchen?


{new in shop: Cupcake Sticks}

kara rosenberry co. Cupcake Sticks!!!
perfect for a wedding, a party or a sweet soiree!
scottie dog cupcake sticks
a black and white delight!
...bee cupcake sticks...

raspberry origami cupcake sticks
mint green origami cupcake sticks

peach & pink origami cupcake sticks

I got the creative bug back this weekend. Finally!

So I made cupcake sticks.

The top two photos feature cupcake sticks with my designs. I plan to expand this to any of the designs that I do. So eventually there will be cupcake sticks with chandeliers, poodles, princess crowns, cupcakes, dragonflies, cowboy boots, and so on...If you have something in mind, I can always do a special order for you. Just let me know. go to my shop to take a look at what I have to offer.
Also I collect paper. I need to do something with this paper I collect. I have always loved origami paper. So, origami cupcake sticks. These are limited because of the amount of this paper that I have in stock. They are perfect for Spring. Pretty, soft and whimsical.

and the best part? A package of 6 is only $4.

hope you had a nice weekend!



{where would i be without my sister?}

this reminds me of my sister...
the dancing girl because she and her daughters dance.
the typewriter for our many forms of correspondence.
the desk vignette for her sense of design.
my sister Kimberly and I at a wedding in chicago

where would I be
without my sister?

a friend of mine who is blessed with 3 sisters were discussing the impact of our sisters. One of the things we discussed was that if we were doing something that was questionable, silly or obnoxious (like on our blog, for example), that our sisters would call us out on it. Thank goodness for that! Our sisters keep us in line.
about my sister:
my poor sister! when I was young I would always steal her clothes. Once I bought an almost identical columbia jacket to one that she already owned. What can I say? I admired her style!
my sister helped me start my company... she hosted my first trunk show for me when she was 8 months pregnant with twins. she is a constant source of amazing design and marketing ideas for me.
She helped shape my love for design. She was in the one in college that helped me redo my bedroom based off of the Starry Night painting by Van Gogh. She introduced me to Shabby Chic and Rachel Ashwell and Anthropoligie long before they were so well known.
She helped me appreciate beautiful furniture and has given me some amazing pieces that are among my favorite items in my house. Last year she and I embarked on a kitchen make over during one of her visits.... we also managed to shop {a lot} and have a lovely brunch during that 24 hour period.
She is also an amazing mom to four of my favorite people in the world.

All in all, I don't know where I would be without my sister. I don't think I would be who I am today without her influence.


{typography love}

love the colors and love this font!
from Blueprint magazine- a magazine a I miss very much!!
there was amazing typography thru the whole magazine!
love the colors and the illustration. Great font as well!

This is so lovely!
Being a notecard and invitation designer, certain fonts and graphics
jump out at me all the time.
I will be driving along and see a sign
in French Script font {one of my favorites}.
Does this ever happen to you?
I am constantly inspired by typography.
I love a good old fashioned
circus like font, a beautiful script
paired with beautiful images like
the ones above.
Hope your week is going well!


{be my valentine}

a valentine wish for you!
...and now some valentine pretties
just for you!



wishing you lots of love today!

Happy Valentines Day to you!



{cupcake Friday}

1. it's finally Friday! It has been a long week and I am
so glad to see Friday at last.
2. My new schedule has me missing
Estate Sale Fridays and my estate sale pal
is at a good one right now.
I hope she is snatching up lots of great
vintage goods with a coffee in hand.
Wishing I was there!
3. Loving Mint Green Lately... It's all over and I am a fan.
Loving the Mint green frosted cupcakes.
4. Weekend Plans include a surprise for my Valentine
& helping a dear friends move.
5. I will be posting some fun Valentines lovelies on Monday.
Valentines is one of my favorite holidays.
I love the colors and the sweetness of it.
Plus I love fun Valentines Day Cards !
See you back here on Monday!

happy friday!



{around the house}

these are a few things in my house
-in my kitchen-
that make me happy
egg painting from local artist
turquoise bowls from Dollar Tree &
vintage cannisters were a garage sale find
from my mother.

english breakfast tea from Peets.
Love Peets.
chipped aqua mixing bowl from Target
Liberty of London Tea Pot
Cream and Yellow Butter Dish from the Goodwill.


{tea and toast}

This weekend I am feeling a bit under the weather.
Hot tea & honey with a little toast
are a must when feeling this way.
I hope I start to feel more
like myself by tomorrow.
For now I am just trying
to stay cozy and warm
'cause it's cold &
snowy outside!


{the next great thing}

apparently I am way behind here.
I just discovered Rue and Lonny.
Both online Magazines.
Both free.

Both remind me oh so much, of Domino and Blueprint.
Click here to view lonny.
Click here to view Rue.

Both lovely and fun and modern publications.
check them out!

Hope your day is grand!
also a special hello to all my new followers...
& I love reading all of your comments
so say hello anytime!