{chalkboard love}

I am in a season where I am taking a mini break from my business
and taking time to be inspired. So here you go!
I love chalkboards and have blogged about them before.
I would love nothing more than
a big old vintage chalkboard
for displays or to have
chalkboard walls in my future home....
take a look.
{source: unknown}
I LOVE this photo.
I love the backdrop of the chalkboard
against the shelving and the items on the shelves.
{source: Anthropoligie}

Leave it to Anthropoligie. I have a love-hate relationship with this company.
Love the headboard and the details they illustrated. Sigh.
{source: Nom Nom Nom}
what a darling little table.
and with the word lovely?
they are killing me!
{source: freepeople}

love this! Any artist would have so much fun with this wall!
Love the mirror & mantle too.
How pretty! I would love this in a bedroom.
{source: Anthropologie}
I love the way this is done.
Incorporating drawn objects
with real objects. Brilliant!


Triple Crown Love

Please take me to to horse races if they are as lovely as
these vintage images....


sweet & candy colored

and inspiring.

So glad I stumbled upon these images.

They are so lovely and unexpected.

Which is your favorite?

I think mine is the first image of this post

with the lovely font ,

the roses, and all the other beautiful details.

{image source for this post}

Hope this brings a little loveliness to your week!


{wishful thinking}

Wishing the weekend had been a bit longer.
Wishing that the week ahead at work didn't include
4 day training session.
Wish that I had a little more time to sleep in this morning
Wishing you a happy Monday.
Hope you are having a great start to the week!
p.s. have you been to the site called Pinterest yet?
It is pretty amazing! I know all you visiual people would love it!


{pancakes and the weekend}

happy weekend to you!
Growing up, we had a
few weekend meal traditions.
We always had pancakes or waffles on Saturday
and an omelette on Sunday after Church.
I still think those traditions are so special.
So, what are your favorite weekend foods?


{ribbon galore}

this weekend i went to the dollar tree for
a few household items and found
this lovely ribbon
in many springtime colors
{peach. mint. grey. eggshell blue}
in grosgrain and satin varities.
I think they will look lovely on the
spring time and summer notecards
that I will be making.
What treasures have you scored recently?
anything good?


{good living}

So far, 2011 has been lovely.
cleaning, reading, getting life back on track!
I got a Nookcolor for Christmas,
and it has been wonderful catching up on reading.
Also my Nookcolor has Web browsing access,
perfect for catching up on blogs
and Pandora.
{love it}
So far I have read two gems and I want to share them with you.
Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund
& and The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
My sister recommended both to me
and she always hits the nail
on the head, book wise.
They were both lovely books and so well written.
I just downloaded the complete Anne of Green Gables series
for $.99, a favorite growing up.
I believe that is my next read.
{Question: What is your all time favorite read?}
on another note, do you not wish the scene above
was hanging in your house, or better yet, was a room in your house?
hope you have a great Tuesday!


{paper and party goods}

After a super successful holiday season
I have been thinking about what is selling well at shows.
& that is
party goods!
What do I have at kara rosenberry co. shows that I don't have much of on my Etsy?
Invitations. Garlands. Cupcake Sticks. Stir Sticks. Stickers.
Gift and Garnish Tags.
thats what.
During 2011, my goal is to make my etsy shop full of
Paper & Party Goods!
I will keep you all updated. Hope you are having a great week!


{the gift of friendship}

over the holidays i had the opportunity
to meet with many dear friends.

{with one over French food}
{with one over pizza}
{with one over coffee and cookies,
exchanging sweet gifts}

{of course with my sister discussing
books, design, and other tidbits as we often do}

My friends near and far are such a gift to me.
Like this pretty box of sweet cookies,
open and delightful.

hoping your week has been lovely so far!
xo kara


{etsy love: Atelier Eva Juliet}

today while quickly poking around online,
I came upon this etsy shop, Atelier Eva Juliet

and was instantly inspired.

I love the colors, the subject matter

and of course the bits of French here and there in the shop.
This shop and the other ones I have been featuring lately to make me think that
kara rosenberry co. needs to be more than just a card shop!
I can draw and illustrate, I have beautiful handwriting. I need to be doing
more with it!
In the meantime I shall bask in the beauty of these and be inspired!
happy 2011!