{fantastic giveaway at fern and flora!}

head on over to my pal Emily's Blog for a fantastic giveaway! You might just win a $40.00 gift card to CSNstores.COM which would enable you to buy one of the lovely items above
or anything else on their website!
have a lovely tuesday!


{you are invited}

You are invited to a Summer Boutique show! If you are in Denver, or anywhere near, would love to see you!
The Participants:
Kayla of Whimsy Lou
Please email me at kararosenberry@aol.com for more info.
We have lots of fun things in store!
think circus, summer, fun treats, pressure free shopping and lots of handmade and vintage!
hope to see you there!


{happy friday}

{photo source: alicebgardens}
Hope you keep nice and cool this weekend!
It is summertime, and it is hot here!
I do realize the summer will be over before we know it!
I would love to get in a few things before the summer ends!
How about you?
Happy Weekend!


{two little paintings}

my sister and niece visited this weekend and we got on the subject of painting.. I have done a few simple paintings before but don't do it often because I am so busy creating cards. We decided to go pick up painting supplies. I painted this cake...
and my 10 year old niece Colette Rose, painted this pink starfish piece, which I just love. She is so creative and has such a good instinct about color and shapes. She is very talented, sweet and sharp! what a weekend we had!

I am now so inspired to paint. I had so many ideas about what I would like to paint last night,
so many I couldn't fall asleep! I paint like I draw, nothing fancy, just girly and simple and sweet. I cannot wait to see what else I can create! The best part about the whole thing was spending time with my sister & niece in a way that we won't soon forget!

Hope you have a Happy Monday!


{black, white & vintage}

this {little} camera was spotted while on an unexpected jaunt one Sunday afternoon.
I love it on display with my black and white chandelier wall decor, my sparkly "K" initial and my chalkboard from Sabine at La Marquise des Anges

{psssst, Sabine lives in France and she is
lovely! Peek at her blog if you have a moment!}

I had a fabulous week, starting with a lovely brunch with my friend Emily, who is celebrating her birthday this weekend while I celebrated mine last week.

{Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!
and cheers to many more birthday brunches, estate sales and coffee dates between us!!!}

Go here to read about our lovely birthday brunch.

Now I look forward to a visit from my sister Kim
and my very mature, stylish and sweet niece Colette
who is 10 going on 22. Have a great weekend!



{for my friend}

I have a friend from home that has been dear to me since Kindergarten.
She is one of my biggest fans and is so special to me.
She has this thing for dacshunds and for my cards
so I drew a design for her birthday,,,, and here it is!!!

she was thrilled and that is all that matters to me!


{vintage love}

this peacock purse was my grandmothers.
My mom gave it to me when I was in Nebraska this weekend.

I love the detail on the back... Quite a smashing vintage bag that I will now treasure.

I had an amazing trip back to Nebraska for the Holiday weekend. It was also my birthday and I was quite blessed with some amazing gifts:

a gucci purse and some time with my dear friend, Chelle.

A beautiful black tote with the initial "K" from my Mom and Dad
and also some vintage goodies from my mom and Dad and the new Ingrid Michaelson CD

a stack of books from my sister which are promised to be some good reads

a fabulous yellow Coach purse from my sweetheart {he says he cannot believe he bought me a yellow purse, I say it's perfect!}

a amazing hand sewn leather clutch from my amazing friend Rina {more on that later}

gift certificate to Target from my brother and sis in law

a sweet blog post from my dear friend Emily... {here} thanks EM!

a meal cooked by my chef brother that was divine.

most important time spent with friends and family.

and the best part? the celebration isn't over yet!

cannot wait to celebrate a little more with some of my Denver friends.

Hope you are having a great week!


{4th of July Weekend & my birthday!!}

Happy 4th of July Weekend to you!

{images from marthastewart.com}
I am heading back to Nebraska for a 4th of July and Birthday Celebration.
My birthday is on Tuesday~
this weekend I plan to:
see my almost 98 year old grandma,
eat my brothers food- he is a chef
see my adorable nieces and nephew and the rest of the family.
and celebrate my birthday
and the birthday of the country with those I love!
Happy 4th of July Friends!