(a treasure from my sister)

yes... i got it!

My sister bought this wonderful piece for her home and then decided it didn't look right in her living room, so she gave it to me. It really completes my home and it is the piece I have always needed. I love it!

holiday custom work

200 cowgirl boot holiday cards and 200 printed envelopes.

darling ice skating invites and thank you notes

lots and lots of personalized stickers, wrapped up in string. {50 in a package}


Happy Thanksgiving!

{images are all from MarthaStewart.com}

Hi friends! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you are spending it with those you love.
I was just thinking about how much I miss reading blogs lately. I have been so busy with shows and orders. When I finally got some time on my hands, I don't have a laptop around because I left it in Nebraska last weekend! Oops! It is on its way here via a friend. {thank you Kim and Emily for saving the day}

This year I am thankful for...
*a wonderful family and for their health
*supportive friends
*kindred spirits
*a job & a roof over my head
*my ever growing business
*little bits of beauty here and there...
*the homemade carmel that my brother made last weekend and the seasalt that he added to just my pieces. :)
*& he made morocan lamb with apricots, figs and almonds... {he is a chef}
*my wonderful, generous and kind sister
*my adorable nieces and nephews
*for scarves, and boots and pretty jewelry
*for my grandmother and parents and sister teaching me that old things are beautiful things.
*The inspiration that is all around me.
*and all of my wonderful blog friends!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
p.s. If martha stewart has an open spot at her table tomorrow, I am sure I could make it somehow!


A Winter's Night Boutique

my friend Emily of fern and flora is hosting one last little holiday get together besides the other shows we are doing. It is sure to be a fabulous night with food by Meg of Desuet, local artists and a most charming hostess! If in Denver, email if you want to come! I didn't want to post her address and information on here. email info@karaosenberry.com!

Also, one of my favorite blog friends, Koralee is having a fabulous giveaway on her blog! go {here} to enter!

I have been swamped as of late... doing shows and custom orders. I have some fabulous pictures that I will post soon! This weekend I am heading to my home state of Nebraska for a pre holiday-holiday as I cannot be home for thanksgiving because of my job! Have a great rest of the week friends!


This & That

Lately... I have been loving the color grey...
i am thinking of getting a grey sofa and my dear sister, bought this harlequin diamond- grey and cream little storage piece, and decided it might not look right in her house so she might give it to me. {kim, if you are reading, you can still change your mind} I need the storage plus it is just beautiful... I will take pictures if I end up adopting it.

But above are more things I love in a shade of grey..{hate that I used so many items from Anthropoligie but just couldn't help it!

also, a list of shows I will be doing this holiday season in Denver!

this holiday season you can find Kara Rosenberry Co. at...

the fabulous Gifts for Yule holiday boutique show

at Grandmother's House Boutique November 11-14
with my talented friend Emily from Fern and Flora Designs, the headband, garland making queen and florist. Here is her Etsy, here is her new blog.

and I will be at the Waldorf Holiday Fair on 12/05

{&} at a fabulous show at a private home 12/4 & 12/05! Email me at kara@kararosenberry.com for details! this is a favorite of mine! Emily will also be at this show.
or you can always find me at www.kararosenberry.com or www.kararosenberryco.etsy.com.

I am turning out custom order after custom order and have come up with some pretty fabulous stuff. I will be posting more pictures soon. I have been taking it to a new level this holiday season!
Happy Weekend!


Let It Snow!

"snowman gift labels"
Well the holiday season is officially in full swing! At least it is for me! With lots of holiday shows coming up and lots of custom orders on my desk, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for me!
Here is just a peak of what I have been working on with some fun custom orders this holiday season! This image will be used on holiday gift labels and is part of a very fun custom order I have been working on! Custom orders are many times something I wouldn't typically draw, but then I end up loving what I come up with. Just part of why I love what I do.
Back to work now!