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Bee Happy- Its a Giveaway!

I promised to do a giveaway during August to celebrate 5 years of business so here it is! Better late than never!

From now until Monday, August 31st, at 7 pm, I am hosting a giveaway...! Please go to my website
or my etsy
and pick your 3 favorite designs and these are the packages you will receive. Make sure you look at the Holiday section on my website since the Holidays are coming up! For some reason, my blog isn't allowing me to include the links so you can copy and paste the links into your browser.

1}Please place a comment on this blog post with your three favorites.

2}You increase your chances of winning if you share my giveaway on Twitter, or on your blog. Please add another comment if you choose to do this.

Happy picking!


{Cowgirl and Cowboy Birthday}

My sister's twins, Nicholas and Sophia turned 5... and had a cowboy and cowgirl birthday party. It was darling.

Nick in his cowboy garb

Sophia with the cupcakes and party goods. Each child got to pick a horse to put on top of their cupcake and added green frosting so their horse had grass to eat.

Kim, my sister, bought horse cookie cutters for favors and I made the tags out of red and white gingham paper.

I made a garland out of red and white gingham paper and paper sacks. Fun little touch!

Games: My sister modified the game musical chairs and instead played muscial boots.
The kids also did a relay race with the stick horses.

It was a treat for me to get to be there.
Have a great Friday!


the farm, my grandma and birthdays.

I have been in Nebraska since Thursday the 13th of August and having a great time. Friday, My Grandma. pictured above turned 97 and my sister's twins, Nicholas and Sophia, turned 5 on the same day. The picture above of my grandma frosting her own cake is so special to me. About 2 years ago she had a stroke that left part of her body paralyzed. She is no longer able to quilt but as you she see here she can still frost a cake. She lives in a nursing home now but she was able to come out to the farm, where she lived for over 70 years to celebrate.

Grandma and I... she is opening her birthday cards
the twins, Sophia with her doll cake and Nick with his horse themed cake.
(this doll has been used on cakes made by my Grandma for over 55 years.)
Colette, Sophia and Elle, my nieces after picking some corn.

a shot of the corn and the crackled paint on the garage.

Sophia peeking into the window on the farm.

Miss Sophia

Sophia on a tire swing at the farm. after taking this picture, she and I went and blew bubbles for a half an hour or so.
i will be posting pictures of the twins cowboy/cowgirl themed party tomorrow or the next day... it was beyond cute!


headbands {Etsy Treasures}


I have a new career! I am now a headband model! Just kidding! I did agree to model these marvelous headbands for my talented friend Emily so she could put them on her Etsy shop, Fern and Flora! {The lovely Emily is the brunette pictured above.}
These headbands are each one of a kind, made with vintage adornments and beautiful fabrics and ribbons. I want all of them. Please visit her shop pronto if you would like to buy one of these. I have feeling they won't be around for long!


the latest, custom work & new etsy listings

"there's a new sheriff in town..." birth announcement

"operation save the ta-ta's" breast cancer walk thank you's

monkey baby shower invite

girly-girl birthday party invites.
Hello friends. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Just taking a moment to share what I have been up to in a busy whirlwind of a summer. I designed all of the above in the last few months. It is hard to pick my favorite but I am thinking the Sheriff or the Breast Cancer design tops my list.
This week I am heading back to Nebraska for a few days to celebrate my grandma's 97th and my sister's twins 5th birthday, all born on August 14th, in different years of course.
I also added some items items to my etsy last night. I added some new garlands and a the Bonheur Wall Hanging that I so love.
I have more free time on my hands in as I am no longer at my full time job. I am going to be focusing on my business as much as possible while praying to see what is ahead for me. It is an exciting time ahead and I would ask for your thoughts and prayers as well.
Have a great weekend!


happy 5th birthday to kara rosenberry co.!

"piece-a-cake notecard"
5 years ago this week, my very wonderful, pregnant with twins and on bed rest sister hosted my first trunk show for me at her home. I shared the show with a very fabulous jewelry artist, Amy Dudzik. We had a blast and a few hours later, I was elated to know that I actually could make money doing what I loved! That was just the beginning of a wonderful thing.
I am so proud of what I have accomplished in the last five years, and feel the the 5 year mile mark will bring even more surprises and opportunities. The best is yet to come! Happy Birthday to kara rosenberry co. and here's to many more! Cheers!
Stay tuned for another giveaway in honor of k.r. co's 5th year later this month!
Have a great Friday!