the "book style" invitation...

The "book style" invitation by kara rosenberry co.
this design is for a lemon themed 60th bd party.

the outside"shhh, it's a secret!" and the printed envelopes

party details pg 1

more details, pg 2

maps and hotel information pg 3

"hope to see you there" pg 4

the back of the invitation
The Story...

Several years ago I was asked to create a highend and fabulous invitation. I didn't want to do the normal flat invite with a ribbon, etc so I created this "book style" invitation for a lemon themed birthday party. The invitation was five pages, tied with a ribbon and measured 8.5 by 8.5. This is one of my favorite pieces of work and I will have this style available as part of my wedding invitation collection. It would be really fun with a wedding invitation to add in pictures of the couple, the story how they met, or their favorite poem, the possibilities are endless!

Hope you have a happy friday...



Summer Travels- Aspen and Breckenridge

Earlier in July, my parents and I traveled to Breckenridge and Aspen from my town, Denver...here are some highlights.

Gucci, Dior, Prada, Oh my...
and the flowers...so pretty.

and the fabulous handmade soaps from the wonderul store Lush.

more shopping in Aspen...

a bed from Amen Wardy, a home shop in Aspen. (this store wasn't totally my style but I found a few things I liked!)

also in Aspen, we had ice cream from a wonderful coffee shop and cafe called Victorias. I had rosemary and basil ice cream and my dad had oatmeal and dark chocolate ice cream. Delicious.

My brother, a chef was there a few weeks previous and loved eating at Nobu. I will have to go back and experience this place with him.
& Breckenridge...
A wonderful cookie shop::Mary's Mountain Cookies

also in Breckenridge, there is a really unique clothes store and boutique, Canary in a Clothes Mine. This store is a welcome relief from all the t-shirt and tourist shops in town.
I live just a few hours from all this fun and beauty and am so fortunate to be able to visit these places when ever I can. I don't get a lot of time away from work and my little card co. so it was great to get away. I cannot wait to go back to Aspen. All of the fashion there was so interesting, to say the least....
back to getting some work done! Have a great week friends!


What a deal!

I scored these blue bowls and yellow baking dishes at the dollar store. These are not made out of plastic and and very much a steal!

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of them in action after seeing the pretty colors when adding milk....

and eggs and olive oil this morning while making breakfast.

{there are lovely plates and mugs to match ladies! that is a whole set of dishes, minus a salad plate for $12}
Denverites: I got these at the Dollar Tree at Alameda and I-225. It is the mother load of all dollar stores. It is huge! They have lovely bags for weddings, and birthdays, great ribbon, and lovely rose, green and leopard print file folders, three for $1~! They also have a great candy section so stop by on your way to a movie and grab some and sneak it in to the theater!

Happy Weekend!



"my merci notecard"
When I started my blog about six months ago, I hesitated at first. I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, etc. But... I am so glad I did it. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! Over the last few months, I have been so inspired, encouraged and energized by all my blog friends. There are SO many incredible women on here. I wish we could all meet for coffee sometime and craft together! Oh well, we will have to stick with sharing our creativity on the lovely world of blogs. So, thanks to all of you. Your comments and comradery make my day and I am so grateful for all of you!
Happy Weekend!


10 things...

I have been tagged by Karyn at French Charming with the Honest Scrap award.

There are a few rules that go along with this award, they are:
I need to copy the logo and place it on my blog
Link it back to the person who gave it to me
Pass it on to five fellow bloggers
List 10 things about myself....

1. I have always been creative. I enjoyed art at a young age, took lots of art classes and in the past have done pottery, dabbled in painting and sewing.

2. I have a degree in English and love to read. I used to read well into the night when I was a child. Don't have as much time to read these days and miss it.

3. I have a book in me somewhere that I would like to write or at least a collection of short stories.

4. I grew up in Nebraska but moved to Colorado when I was starting college and stayed here after graduating.

5. I have the most wonderful supportive family back in Nebraska. Incredible parents, a wonderful sister who has 4 amazing kids and a brother who is an incredible chef. My brother's wife is from Peru and they are such a great couple.

6. I work a full time day job and also work on my business. Lately, I feel like I am always working. At some point, I will be doing my biz full time.

7. I love all things French. I took French in College and a year in highschool. I don't remember very much, but I would love to relearn it soon.

8. I collect necklaces and other jewelry. I have a few friends who are very talented and I love to support them by wearing/buying their lovely pieces.

9. I love Martha Stewart anything. My friend from Nebraska sends me a gift subscription of Living every year and I always go and buy the wedding issues. Her style and love of the details is amazing.

10. I don't cook well, but I am learning! this last year while attempting to cook, I set off the fire alarm blaring loud and couldn't reach it to turn it off since my ceilings are 14 ft high. Stuff like that makes a little gunshy!

Now I am tagging 5 friends...! {I am awful at doing these things so I totally understand if you don't have time or want to my friends!}
Maggie Whitley makes the most lovely fabric items
Happiness is a lovely blog I am fond of
La Petite Peony another lovely blog I am fond of
Molly Lou Gifts Wonderful online shop that carries my line
Sabine of La Marquise de Anges My lovely and talented friend in France

Hope everyone is having a great week! I love to hear from you, so say hello if you are reading my blog!
xo kara


and the winner is...

and the winner is... Karyn from French Charming! I drew Karyn's name this evening and think she is just fabulous. Karyn selected the Fifi in Paris, the Gateau and the Chandelier designs... Karyn please email me at kara@kararosenberry.com with your address and I will send them off to you!
Stay tuned because I will be doing another giveaway in August to celebrate my 5th year of being in business!
Thanks for those who entered and wrote such lovely things about my line. Have a great rest of the week!


garlands & giveaway reminder!

I have had family in town this last week so I haven't been reading blogs like usual and I miss it! I am having a great time with family and about to head up to the mountains tomorrow for a mini get away. We are heading to Silverthorn, Breckinridge, and Aspen thru Friday. Just one night away but it will be nice.
I have been making these lovely chic garlands with my mom this week! They are so cute and I am incorporating my designs in some of them(such as my poodle as shown above) and we made a nest(my design) and bird punch garland and working on making a cupcake garland this week. I am wanting to make some with bees and also a chandelier garland as well. They are all wrapped up and packaged but they measure 5ft. long. I will be posting pictures of those soon!
Also, I wanted to remind you of my giveaway of three packages of my note cards on my blog this week. {Please go here to enter} It is a fabulous giveaway!


Giveaway! ooh la la!

"Ooh La La!"

In honor of my 33rd birthday today, I am hosting a give away this week! I am giving away 3 note cards sets in honor of my 33rd year. There are three ways to earn entries to this giveaway...
{1} tell me the three sets that you would choose by going to my website or my etsy and leave me a comment on my blog telling me your picks. These are the packages I will send you.
{2}Become a follower on my blog, if you aren't already. This will win you another entry. If you are already one of my lovely followers you will also earn a second entry...
{3} Share my give away on twitter or on your blog. Please revisit my blog and leave a comment to tell me how you shared the news! {You can also find me on twitter at @kara_rosenberry.} This will earn you a 3rd entry!

Thanks for sharing in my special day and week! I will announce the winner of the giveaway on Monday, July 13th after 7 pm mountain time.

Happy 4th of July!

image from Martha Stewart

I hope that your holiday weekend is full of family, fun, fireworks and good food. My parents are coming into town for Nebraska for the next several days so I am looking forward to the weekend. I will be doing a giveaway on Monday so check back then!
Have a great holiday weekend!