{Happy Halloween} and a Halloween Trunk Show

I recently participated in my 4th Halloween Trunk Show hosted by the wonderful Sam Robinson, held at Leo's Garage in Denver.  I love doing this show and have totally fallen in love with the charm of this holiday as a result! 
I pulled out a Trunk Show Miracle and designed some amazing new designs the week of the show. This means they didn't make it to my online shop but they will be there next year, they were received very well and they inspired me to do some fun new Holiday designs. Win. Win. Win. 
New Flat Notes, Invitations and Halloween Folded Notes 
These darling stickers were a huge hit this year... there were displayed in such a cute way in vintage jello molds all contained in a vintage wooden box. 
(sticker display- photo via Casa Dos Mael) 
One of my favorite quotes introduced to me by my dear Autumn loving friend, Emily B. made it onto Postcards and also is available on portrait style note cards.
"Octobers" postcards on display. 

my entire booth set up... set up in a half hour flat.  dang I am good! (I don't recommend this at all!!) 
a little close up! 
beloved stickers. beloved jello molds. photo via Casa Dos Mael 
Halloween cards!!! Photo via Casa Dos Mael 
my more fall inspired table - photo via Casa Dos Mael 

This year is flying by!  Cannot believe it's already Halloween! Hope you have a lovely Halloween and start of November, lovelies! 

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