{welcome 2014}

{photos:1) new arrangement for 2014 2) The Kitchen in Denver- a mini meal with visiting family over Thanksgiving. 3) Making Merry at my home- Fa La La painting by moi. 4) new Mermaid design!) 

hello hello! I have been so bad about Blogging lately! same for reading blogs! I am going to make more of an effort in both respects.  I am on Pinterest and Instagram a lot! What about you? 
The holidays were fantastic and I cannot believe they already came and went! celebrated with lots of time with family and friends and lots of good food!
I want to dive into painting and designing more. I have about 6 designs on my desk that are ready to be released this Spring and Summer.  The mermaid design above, painted in coral, mint and gold is a new favorite!  She will be coming out soon! 
I got an iPad mini for Christmas which I am loving and am finding so useful!  What's your favorite tool/use of your iPad? 
I hope to pop to more often in 2014! cheers! 

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