{England stole a piece of my heart}

For Years and Years, I have had a thing for Paris.  I had never been to Paris but I loved everything about it.  The language, the culture, the beauty, the idea of Paris.  When my beau told me his brother was getting married in England, I had a slight disappointment that my first Trip to Europe would be to England.  I schemed on ways to make our way over to Paris, just two hours away by train.  It killed me to be so close to Paris but not be there. Ultimately, we decided since it was a family event for the most part that a trip to Paris just wouldn't work this time.
Once we arrived in Manchester, the cool air and quaintness of the town quickly won me over.  All of the people were so sweet and kind and proper.  I just loved it.   We were involved in a family wedding so a lot of time in Manchester was focused on that but I loved taking naps with the window flung open to the cool air and the streets below.  And the food was so fun too. 
Even a simple tea shop in the mall we visited had gorgeous floral tea tins and beautiful kitchen goods that  I don't see in the US normally, like a egg shell blue and white toaster and darling bread boxes and canisters in normal kitchen stores.  Sigh.

Then we took a train to Londer after a week for a short few days visiting the big city.  The rolling country side, hills and sprays of flowers on the roadside and darling cottages on the side of the roads with little gardens made my heart skip a beat.  There were woolly sheep, cows and horses in the pastures and it so reminded me of my home state, Nebraska and of my Grandma who lived on a farm here whole life.
         ...Then we arrived in London and I felt like the city swallowed me whole.  Our introduction to the city was at rush hour in the
underground was terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  Like I said, I had never traveled internationally and a quiet week in Manchester preceded the London trip so the contrast was stark.  Once we settled in, we walked around our neighborhood near Victoria Station and I was enamoured with all the little cafes,. the food, the grocery stores that had brioche in the regular old bread aisle and containers of creme fraiche like yogurt in the dairy section.  When overlooking the city from a high place the very size and history of it was so beautiful.  When touring the streets, the rows and rows and rows of old buildings and architecture were amazing.  The history and the beauty of it was stunning.  \We only had 2 full days to tour London and it was not enough.  We left London reluctantly but knowing that because friends and family live there, that we would be back. 

Last week there was a commercial for a Windows Phone featuring London.  I recognized landmark after landmark and had pleasant memories of each.  I see photos of Kate and William and their little prince and try and recognize where they are and admire their subtle style,  I see pictures of a shoot in the English Countryside for the Fall JCrew catalog and my heart has a memory of similar scenes. I see a Liberty of London floral print and get inspired...

I would love to go to Paris one day soon but I don't feel cheated by the fact that I haven't visited yet.  England was so lovely and was such a great country to visit.  Its fair to say I left a piece of my heart in England and I absolutely cannot wait to visit again.    


Megs said...

<3 <3 i studied abroad in london, so it will always have a special place in my heart. so glad you got to go!

Chris said...

Hi Kara, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

koralee said...

What joy....I have never been but would love to go someday too..love those tea tins. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kara! I love your post and I hope you get to return soon! So glad you had a great trip!!!

Kimberly S.

fernandflora said...

What a beautiful post and recap of your trip. The photos are so lovely too. I can't believe I haven't been over to visit in ages! Time flies, I suppose.