{something new: painting}

Hello hello hello.  Lately I have been immersed in a new hobby, painting.  I have always been able to paint, but not like lately.  I took a few art classes, one from Lizzie Mara, and several from Jeanne Oliver that have so me so much about mixing colors, adding pattern, and just playing more.  I have quite a bit to show you but for now will stick with this sweet pup that I did for my friend Chelle.  She is obsessed with Dachshunds and so I did this for her.  and she just loved it.  I love the little details like the color with a gold heart and the word adore written on the body of the dog. 
I have done more paintings since and just invested in some canvas to do some holiday artwork, Halloween and Christmas.

The next set of paintings really has me excited so I will be back to share those soon.  Happy Weekend.

For more information on the artists that I have learns so much from, please visit the below links.
Happy Creating my dears!

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koralee said...

Oh how adorable!!! You are such a darling artist my friend...I love your work. I must take a peek in your shop...it has been much too long and my cards are all out. xoxoxo