{"Mint" to be}

If there is any color that I cannot get enough of lately it would be mint green.  I love to pair it with gold, coral or blush pink.  World Market has some eye catching items in this hue that I thought I would share with you.

                               World Market has stepped up their game lately, I must say. 
                                   Here are the items that I know I am "mint" to own. 
 I don't often make cakes that I lug around (honestly, I really don't make cakes often at all) but all the same, this is lovely cake tin does belong in my kitchen/ Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier $24.99
                              I mean, come on, right?/ Mint Ceramic Chalk Spice Jar  $4.99
At the super reasonable price of $12.99 this item is already in my kitchen
holding all my coffee and espresso supplies/ Mint Scalloped Jar $12.99


Megan Lane said...

love mint! just pinned that spice jar. it looks so much like the ones anthro sells but wayyy cheaper! good find.

E, I and O said...

I want one of each! Thanks to you, it's one down, two to go! Thank you again friend! xoxo