Last week, I  booked a last minute trip to the Big Apple.  We booked the trip on Tuesday and flew out on Sunday and flew back on Wednesday.  This is not how I usually would plan for a trip but sometimes spontaneous decisions pay off. That was the case with this trip. It was such a quick trip but it was totally amazing.  I barely had a moment to take everything in and it was time to leave. I cannot wait to go back sometime soon.  Goodbye for now, NYC!
Photos: Flying into NYC, my first glimpse. going down to Number 2, the Plaza Hotel.  I took this for my sister and nieces and nephew as we all love Eloise.  3.  Freezing cold and rain didn't keep us from seeing the sights.  4. Oh the food- amazing! pizza, NY hot dogs, kabobs and Shawarma, the bagels...  5. a last glimpse of the city on the way to the airport.  Until next time!

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fernandflora said...

New York! New York! LOVE it. You look so pretty in the bottom photo!