{saying goodbye}

 A little over a week ago, a dear soul left this earth.  My dear Grandma passed away last Friday October 19th.  In a way it was sudden but in many ways it wasn't.  She just turned 100 in August and it was her time.  The picture above was the view from the cemetery where she rests now.  A perfect view of the crops and country side she loved so much. 
The best thing about saying goodbye to someone we love (so much) is remembering them.  We had many hours of laughing, crying and remembering her.  She was an amazing woman.  She shared so much of herself with everyone else and was never worried about herself.   

 She influenced me in so many ways.  She gave me a love for old and worn items,  and gave me a place in my heart that melts when seeing an old tattered barn or a vintage clutch.  She was always accessorized with a pretty necklace and earrings, in a way that was effortless.  She was famous in our memories for making waffles, quiche, and rice krispie treat bars with peanut butter, and cakes for all our birthdays among so many other things. 

She was in a rest home for the last 5 years of her life after suffering a stroke that left one side of her body paralyzed.  She wasn't able to quilt or crochet anymore but she still  had such a desire to make things that she would paint on tea towels or frost a cake with her good hand.  I love her for that.  She never gave up. 

 I will miss her so much.  We were so blessed to have her with us all those years.  I told my brother upon her passing that she is in heaven in the quilting circle and she is the head of the activities committee up there. 

I Love you Grandma.  I am so blessed to call you mine.


Anonymous said...

Grandma would love your post. She was a super fabulous lady and we were blessed to have her in our lives. I was honored to know her and to be with her all of my life so far. I hope we can pass on her legacy. She will be greatly missed.

Love you Kara!
Kimberly S.

Manni King said...

Nice post, the best. thank you.

koralee said...

Oh my she sounds like she was amazing...sorry for your lose but you are so right she is in heaven with my grandma and they are quilting together...they will be great friends. xoxoxo Hugs

Lizzie Mara said...

I loved reading this post, Kara. You are so lucky to have had such a nice connection to her. I love that she is one of the people that gave you your love of vintage beauty. You made me cry.