{she's 100!!!}

Oh, what a wonderul week it was.   On Tuesday, My Grandma turned 100 on Tuesday August 14th.  She is still alive, she is still beautiful, she still has moments when she is still very much herself.

Last weekend, we traveled to Nebraska to celebrate this mighty fine woman.  We threw a party on Saturday, something she loved to do, ate good food, caught up with family, and best of all, wished my Grandma a wonderful 100th birthday.  I was fortunate enough to be able to get to do her invitations, and help my mom with the flower arrangements, which I will share soon.  Everything turned out lovely.

The highlight of the evening was singing Happy Birthday to my Grandma.  She is in and out of it at times, her eyes closed a lot, but when we sang Happy Birthday, she was fully alert, singing with us and waving at all of us gathered around her.  I couldn't help but cry after that.

I was telling a friend this week, after looking at all her wonderful photos from long ago, I fell even more in love with my Grandma and am so proud of her.  She lived in the middle of the country in Nebraska but was always very stylish and poised.  There is a photo of her up on a horse in overalls yet there is something so beautiful about her.

You might have seen that Julia Child would have been 100 on Wednesday August 15th.   Earlier this year, my sister discovered that my Grandma was born only a day before her.  I think that is just remarkable.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jeanne said...

She sounds like an incredible woman! I hope you will share more photos of her someday. This photo makes me want to go paint!

fernandflora said...

What a legacy of wonderful women in your family! I'm so so happy you were able to celebrate such a big milestone with your sweet grandma. Happy Birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love your post about her and can't believe it really happened! I am so happy she made it too! I'm glad we were all there to celebrate.
I think she and Julia Child would have loved cooking together. It was one of her many talents. I know I will always remember her party and how much she enjoyed it!
Kimberly S.

Heather said...

Wow! What an amazing milestone that most of us don't get to celebrate. How wonderful that she has you, Kara. And you her, too.

(My moms birthday is Aug 14th, too!)

megan lane said...

That is just amazing!! What a lovely photo. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating her!

koralee said...

What a delightfully sweet story my friend..your Grandma sounds amazing.What Joy being about to celebrate such a wonderful life...what a blessing you are to each other. Hugs for you and Her! xoxoxooox Happy September.