{Happy Weekend}

Ah at last! a three day weekend is ahead!  Memorial Day is here and it isn't a moment too soon. We plan to kick back, relax, (work on a few orders- not so relaxing) and see where the weekend take us.

There is a new frozen yogurt spot in my neighborhood that is amazing.  They have Strawberry Rubarb Puree, local granola and baked goods, , gluten and dairy free products, dark chocolate covered honey comb as a topping  (how have I never had this before).  It is going to be my new favorite, I do believe!

So this leads me to ask, (and so does the photo above)
What is your favorite? Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
Whatever your weekend brings you, I hope its fabulous!


Anonymous said...

I can't decide. It's both if there is chocolate involved. Happy Summer~
Kimberly S.

fernandflora said...

darling photo! cant wait to try boom!