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On Friday I discussed my love of collecting.  This is a favorite find from this past winter, while driving from my homestate of Nebraska back to Colorado.  We stopped at a Goodwill in a small Nebraska town and I found these.  I just love them.  and I just love Milkglass.  The set of the lovely creamer and sugar dish was $4 total.  And it is Milkglass, a favorite collectible of mine. 

Pretty cute right? (the photo was taken at night but i think it kind of makes the glass glow in a milky sort of way. 

On another note: Goodbye Picnik, I shall miss you.  Have you tried Pic Monkey yet to edit your photos??  Its sort of great with all kinds of fun options.  Have you tried it yet?

 Blogger also seems to have updated its post settings overnight and it is SO MUCH better now to write a blog post now.  Anyone with me?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kara!

Waiting for some fun photos of a fun weekend!
Kimberly S.