{collecting treasures}

If you have been following my blog for any time at all you would know that I have a thing for
collecting, estate sales, and thrifting.

It started with antique Salt and Pepper Shakers & vintage buttons.
Then I added dishware and Milk glass, linens, cake tins.
I am also being more drawn to old books and vintage ephemera. {Wow}
It does help that I have sold lots of vintage items in the past at shows and such.
Bring in the new, get rid of something you have had for a while, right?

I used to go estate sale shopping with my friend/partner in crime almost every Friday there for a bit and it was divine. My schedule changed and so I cannot do this as easily anymore. But my heart does skip a beat when i get an email from the Estate Sale company about an amazing sale. Oh well, it is probably for the best! I still do manage to hit up some great shop every once and a while and market season is on its way!

What do you love to collect?


koralee said...

So pretty....these little guys are to die for!
I have been into pink and turquoise pyrex lately.Isn't it fun?

Cindy said...

I love your blog! So pretty!