{girls only weekend}

Recently I was invited to go and spend the weekend out of town at the home of this lovely lady, Emily B. Emily was a faithful customer who has turned into a good friend. She is clever, witty, creative and oh so sweet. I drove about 1.5 hours out of Denver on a Friday afternoon and was embraced by a wonderful hostess, homecooked meals, my own guest suite and lots of r & r.

Emily took me to an amazing antiques store in the downtown section of her sweet town. It was AMAZING! These prices were out of control low, (not like in Denver at times). I went thru 2 booths and already had about 8 items at the counter on hold. It was fabulous! pretty fabulous, right?

Top off this trip with a little bit of Starbucks and some Mexican food and lots of shows on Bravo and a girly movie. To top it all off she helped me with business stuff too. It was perfection and just what I needed. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends.

Thanks Em!


Lizzie Mara said...

Hi sweetie!
LOVE those bottles! So fun. Did you buy Sparkle and Pleasure Time?

Emily said...

It was my pleasure dearie! I look forward to another antique shopping spree soon! xoxo

fernandflora said...

What a fun weekend that was! I would LOVE a trip down there sometime to hit up those low prices! Sounds like Em is a perfect hostess!

koralee said...

What fun!!!! Lucky you. Hugs. xoxox