{Color Changes Everything}

Have you seen the new commercial for Target? It is super cute, with French Music {Alouette} and color, lots of color. Their current campaign is "Color Changes Everything." Yes, indeed it does.

This is the most darling, sweet and fresh video/ commercial I have seen in a while. It features french music, as previously mentioned, lovely colors and a sort of vintage quality in some parts, {not the part shown above of course} oh and an hot air balloon. Tell me what you think...!


Emily said...

I always find myself singing along when this commercial comes on! Love it, and would love to download the music. A fun ad and just the right thing to get us in the mood for Spring. I'm really enjoying Ellen's new commercials for JCPenny too. I received a catalog from them the other day and found several cute things I need to go check out. Thanks for the fun Friday post!


fernandflora said...

Oh yes! I love this one! I just saw it for the first time the other day and had to look up (I was on the computer or my phone or something) because the music was so lovely. xo

koralee said...

I adore this commercial! Target makes me happy! xoxoxo Happy weekend