{ i heart art: Henri Matisse}

I have long been an admirer of Art. Mostly French. Mostly Impressionism- and that is where my knowledge of the titles ends! I cannot pretend!

I shouldn't have dropped out of Art History back in college.

I am diving deeper into the world of art again while taking an e-course from Jeanne Oliver and am finding new inspiration things I love from the past. I am reminded that I adore art and my favorites include Henri Matisse, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall, Raul Duffy and current Artists, Lizzie Mara, Cori Dantini, Jeanne Oliver, Janet Hill.

The artists I love tend to have a few things in common-

these ooze femininity and color, sweetness and lovely objects or women.
I plan to do a series feature of my favorite Artists and the first one I pick is Henri Matisse.

I find much inspiration in this piece for using pattern in my own work- the two wallpaper patterns, the two rug patterns the clothing and the tablecloth. It is quite perfect really.
I dare say I find a little home design inspiration in Matisse's work. Perhaps you do too?

beautiful and feminine. Love the colors and boldness of this piece. {PS I want her wallpaper and rug!}

This piece was a favorite of mine and my sister's. This was my first beloved Matisse Print.

The colors in this piece are my favorites. Once again, brilliant mix of patterns and color.

and finally a few words from Matisse:

What I take away from Matisse is his ability to mix strong patterns and colors and to let go and let the whimsy take over. And I want to use his layering of patterns in color in my future work.
Also Matisse makes me want to make add a little more whimsy to my home!
I hope that this post inspires you to think about your favorite art and what inspires you!

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Anonymous said...

Love this post Kara! Matisse is always inspirational!!

Kimberly S.