{Christmas Craft}

Over Thanksgiving, my family and I started adorning these candles. Earlier this summer some non holiday candles were made for the Horseshoe Market, but after using glitter on some cards this winter, I wanted to make some Holiday Candles.

These candles are technically prayer candles and are scent free and super reasonable at the Dollar store or perhaps your nearest Latino Market. I collected the image from a vintage image website {the Vintage Fairy Graphics Blog} and went to town adding glitter.

The whole family {at least all the girls} becamse involved. My 12 year old niece and sister in law, my sister and my mom all joined in the fun. My parents sunroom soon had a glittered covered floor and my brother refused to give me a goodbye hug lest he also be covered in glitter.
I had plenty of fun ribbon, twine yarn and vintage buttons to trim the candles with.
Above are some of the non holiday candles we made, great for gifts. I took these to a show last weekend and sold quite a few... ! Another candle adorning party is set for this weekend to make some for gifts for my friends and family.

Oh what fun this was! what crafts have you been creating for the Holidays? Paper Chains, little gifts for friends, or holiday decoration? or all of the above?


fernandflora said...

Love, love, love 'em! Can't wait to make some more Monday! xo

Anonymous said...

My favorite new hobby! Making cool candles with you!
Kimberly S.

kelly said...

Those candles are so cute! They look like something Anthro would sell!

koralee said...

Hope your Christmas was amazing sweet friend. xoxox