{Patina} a Denver Treasure

In Denver, we have a wonderful assortment of boutiques, and shops that I adore. Patina is one of them. I don't visit as often as I would like, but I plan on visiting more now. When I visited last time, the shop had been transformed into a Holiday Wonderland, full of mercury glass, ornaments and glitter. They also have my holiday cards in stock. {Yay!}

While you are there you might run into vintage postcards and darling flashcards, sweet charms for necklaces, vintage microscopes and cameras, Spools of twine {those get me every time}, and so much more.

Why don't you come on out to Denver and join me! After shopping we will go across the street and visit Sazza for some scrumptious pizza and salad. It will be so fun, I promise!


fernandflora said...

What a cute post! Love those Patina photos and the invite to shop and grab pizza afterwards. You know I'm there sister! xo

Lorraine said...

oh boy would I love to, but I'm broke, totally love vintage so I'll shop your blog, OK? but only in my dreams sigh to be rich hmmmm

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I would love to join us.....if only...I was just a "little" bit closer....sigh