{life is sweet}

life is sweet in so many ways

time with friends

talking with my sister on the phone {almost everyday}

a delicious dinner out and a long chat

a day of crafty ideas and future plans with a like minded friend

antipation of the upcoming holidays

cupcakes, always cupcakes


bittersweet times make the sweet times all the more special:

my good friend lost her mom suddenly this week.

her mom was her best friend and my friend is lost.

all of this has me thinking about the moments we take for granted.

x's and o's



Emily said...

What a beautiful post Kara. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and enjoy the small sweet moments.

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet Kara! Thank goodness for cheap long distance phone calls! I remember the days when they weren't cheap....

Wait til you see the bd party and cupcakes we are doing tomorrow for a 12 yr old's party here!

Kimberly S.
also...prayers for you friend during this hard time.

fernandflora said...

Sweet indeed! I love this post. Hope you were able to get some R&R this weekend. You deserve it!