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1, First of all, Hello and Happy Friday!

2. Isn't the above piece by Cori Dantini just amazing! I LOVE her work. You can see more here. Cori used to live in denver and I remember seing her work around town at least 15 years ago. I have always admired her work but she has really evolved thru the years and her work now , well WOW is all I can say.

3. I hand glittered 72 cards last night for an order. Thought it would be a breeze and go fast. Hmm, not so much. I am traumatized and exhausted today. (traumatized might be a strong word but I am keeping it in there)

4. I am not doing any holiday shows this season, okay maybe just one at my friend Tiffany's house. This is the first time in 7 years that I won't be doing any shows. Freedom feels good but a little sad sometimes as it is something I am so used to doing.

5. I am concentrating on online and retails orders, which so far have been keeping me very busy.

6. I have been cooking a lot lately.

This week I made Quinoa Risotto with chicken. (Made the sauce with a little skim milk, parm cheese, garlic and a dab of flour. Add thyme, sea salt, whatever else and YUM) Make up a big batch of Quinoa before hand and put it in the fridge. Add the quinoa to the sauce and let it heat up. add Chicken or Shrimp or whatever. Very Good!

I made these recipes up myself so everything is kind of done to taste.

I also made Smashed Apples. Chop up apples, add them to a mix of water with agave nector and cinnamon. Let them boil until the apples get soft and then take a masher and mash them up.

Great for breakfast, a snack or dessert and Delish!

7. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I cannot wait for Sunday, a day to relax finally!




Destiny said...

I know the feeling of the slight sadness that comes along with not doing any shows this season. I was going to do Paris St. Market (Rue de Noel), but it's TWO very long days with no help, nobody to relieve me for a bathroom break, lunch break, etc. (I'm also missing having a shop as well)Soooo...I think I'll just sit tight and try to boost my online sales, website, etc. Good luck with YOUR online sales and retail orders. I always love your designs! Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy! I will have to try those ideas...
Enjoy your show free season. It's good to be free.

Kimberly S.

koralee said...

You my dear are busy busy busy...love to you and thank you for all your hard work. xoxo Will peek into your shop after school today. xo HUGS