{Market Saturday}

Hello friends. It has been way too long since I have blogged. this past weekend, my pal from Fern and Flora-Emily, and I, did the horseshoe Market, here in Denver Colorado. We were hoping for a crisp and cool fall day. That didn't happen. It was very warm and sadly we couldn't wear scarves and boots and drink hot cocoa. Instead, we opted for summery clothes and ice water.

Outdoor markets are just hard. They depend on the weather for a good outcome and it is hard to know how the weather is going to be. Almost 12 hours of work on little sleep isn't easy. {do you see the circles under my eyes in the photo above?} I have been doing shows/ markets for about 7 years now but the outdoor ones, they aren't my favorite.

All in all, we had a nice day. Our booth looked pretty and we got to chat with lots of friends, meet new people and we had the most delicious Thai Chicken Pizza for lunch. Yum. Most importantly, Emily and I got to catch up on all the latest. Next time I think we should just meet at Starbucks and save ourselves the the hassle.

Have a great week folks!



koralee said...

Oh if only I lived closer my friend.. Today I am getting excited about the holidays...crazy I know but they will soon be here..in fact we celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving this WEEKEND!!!!
Need to get me some holiday cards...off to visit your store! xoxox

fernandflora said...

LOVE that photo of our booth! Did you take that on your phone? It's darling...

Your post made my chuckle. So true, a morning over iced coffee and birthday party mini doughnuts would have suited me just fine! Thank goodness that's over!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, too bad the weather wasn't a little bit cooler for your show. I am sure there will be some cooler indoor shows this winter!

Kimberly S.

Destiny said...

I wanted to come out, but ended up getting a space a Paris St. Market at the last minute, and YES, it was a HOT day! Thank God for my portable, battery-operated box fan LOL Hope you did well!

Anonymous said...

It was SO NICE to meet you!! Your & Emily's booth was darling & so fun! I can't wait to use my recipe cards & send some notes! I agree, outdoor markets are t-o-u-g-h. But you both looked like radiant rock stars & not tired at all. :)