{fall in love}

I tried to convince myself that the upcoming change of seasons doesn't thrill me, but it does.

I love fall. It is the return of sweaters, boots, scarves, and cool weather. Pumpkins, hot lattes and crunchy leaves. It is my favorite and I will no longer deny it.

Is fall your favorite season, or not so much?


mimi deluxe said...

favorite :)

fernandflora said...

Why try and fight it? Fall is the best! I'm with you and mimi. xo

koralee said...

It thrills me to bits my sweet friend...hope all is well. oxxo

Anonymous said...

I do like the nice clear September days with sunshine...but I'm not ready for the cold! If we could have fall and skip winter I'd be in love with fall too!

I think I am going to become a snow bird someday!

Kimberly S.