{to keep or to sell?}


Help! I cannot decide what to do! Part of the hard part about collecting and selling vintage items is that you want to keep everything you find. I do pretty well with selling items but once and a while I find something that is hard to part with. Like this Cake Tin that I scored for a steal of a deal at the goodwill last week.

I saw it on the shelf and swooped in like someone else was after it too. I looked around after I grabbed and realized no one else was interested. I felt a little silly but none the less, I got what I wanted.

So now, I don't know if I can part with it! After adding a price tag on the handle, I put it on my white farmhouse table next to my eiffel tower pillow and now I really don't know if I can sell it! What would you do? Money in the pocket or a pretty on the table?

I have to decide by Saturday.
Put your 2 cents in, pretty please!


Destiny said...

OOOh! I had the same problem about 2 months ago. I found one (though mine didn't say "cake" on it)and priced it, then let it sit on my table...BUT I finally decided to sell it based on the fact that I have weird issues with thinking that old aluminum may make my cakes taste funny or smell funny LOL I would find a new repro online and sell that one haha! Good luck with your decision!!~Destiny

Heather said...


I say keep it, you can always sell it in the future at another event if you change your mind. But I recently sold something on Etsy that I HATED having to box up and ship away. My only consolation was that I charged a lot for it because I honestly wasn't eager to sell it. You could always try that, too. Price it high and if someone really wants it at least you'll get what it's worth to YOU.

But my first opinion would be to keep it for now!

koralee said...

Oh my friend...keep it on your table! It is stunningly beautiful....sell it once you are sick of it...but enjoy it right now. xoxox

Hugs to you..hope all is well sweet one. xoxox

Lisa Macomber said...

KEEP!!!!! I want to keep everything I list on Etsy, proably because I only buy what I like and then hate to part with it. Keep for now and sell later if you like. I just did that with a set of retro vintage nesting canisters. I listed them and then put them up on top of my cabinets as decor so I could enjoy until they sold. Which they did today, so enjoy for now I say.