{recipe cards, a new item!}

My friend Emily B. has been asking me to make these for years, and finally with her help and a little nudge, I am going to start carrying recipe cards!!! I have about 10 different designs so far {chandelier, cupcake, bee, girly circus, etc.} and cannot wait to post them on Etsy. There are even some special creations for all you "I love anything French" fans!

I am going to start selling them at the upcoming Horseshoe Market on Saturday. Speaking of the Market, it is going to be a busy week getting ready, but I am up for the challenge. If you are in Denver, please come. It is the best outdoor market of the summer.

Have a great week!


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fernandflora said...

Bravo! These are so sweet! Excellent addition to the line my friend! Can't wait to see them in person...