{the makings of a vignette}

this is one if the little vignettes I have created on a shelf in my apartment.

I find the colors very soothing yet glamorous.
vintage chalkboard. estate sale{$2}
Sparkly K. Talulah Jones Denver
Eiffel Tower {christmas ornament} a gift that I use year round
Sea Green Vintage Book. Estate Sale
Mini Vintage Camera. A Parker Colorado Antique Shop
Mini Potted Flower. hmmm, I don't recall!
I have a lot of favorite items that I have collected thru the years.
what is your favorite item in my vignette?


mimi deluxe said...

So cute!

fernandflora said...

How charming is this?! Love that sparkly K. You're so good...

Anonymous said...

Morning Kara~ I think I like the muted colors of all the objects. Would love to see more!
Enjoy your day!
Kimberly S.