{horsehoe fever}

It's almost market time! I will be joining Fern and Flora at the Horseshoe Market

tomorrow in Denver from 9-4 at 46th and Tennyson.

we will be selling fabulous candles, note cards, cupcake sticks and recipe cards, vintage inpired accessories (headbands, necklaces and ruffle rings) milk glass, vintage goods,

handmade table runners, & doily bowls.

We are so excited and we hope to see you there!

{I have so much to do before tomorrow and am pretty tired at this point. Hoping I can

soar above my fatigue and make this happen.}


Happy Weekend to you and if you are in Denver, please visit us!


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C Pohl said...

Hi Kara: it was so great to see you & Emilie at the market today. Can't wait until Tiff's show. have a great rest of the week. Your booth, was awesome.