{summertime weekend}

Farmer's Market Apricots and Basil.
***As a side note, the lady who sold us the Apricots spoke a little French and insisted that we sample a perfect Apricot. We didn't say no and enjoyed the most perfect sweet and juicy Apricot and made a new friend. Love when that happens.

the most beautiful carrots I have ever seen at the Farmers Market.

Girls Day: birthday brunch and shopping. oh and then Pinkberry.

This was my Pork Belly Eggs Benedict with 5 Spice Hollandaise Sauce that I want to try and make sometime.


Oh, My Darling said...

Those carrots are superb-looking.

C Pohl said...

Kara: where did you find the awesome Pork Belly Eggs Benedict with 5 Spice Hollandaise Sauce, i live in denver, would love to go, thanks


Anonymous said...

This reminds me to go the farmer's market this weekend! Thanks!
Kimberly S.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Farmer's Market!

fernandflora said...

What fun that was... Sigh...