{mountain retreat}

I am up in the rocky mountains of Colorado with my family. We rented a lovely furnished house, complete with a hot tub. This is just what the doctor ordered. We have a private chef too! {my brother} He made is a lovely breakfast- a Salmon Egg and Mushroom {5 different varieties of mushrooms} and potatoes. There was also French Press Coffee, Greek Yogurt and delicious cherries. We are about to go into town to explore.
I had the most amazing birthday dinner, also cook by my brother. For a recap, go here.
Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love this photo for a feminine side of the mountains! Glad you had a great birthday!

fernandflora said...

Gorgeous photo. You always find the besdt ones. So glad you had a happy mountain time! Of course the food sounds like heaven... as usual...

Anonymous said...
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