Today I am celebrating... my birthday! I have been so spoiled already this week.

Most of my family is here and that means so much to me. We had the most amazing dinner out last night and tonight, my brother, an amazing chef is making my birthday dinner. I couldn't be more excited.

Furthermore, tomorrow evening we are heading up to the mountains for 2 nights. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and I love that we usually celebrate together.

Now isn't this cake lovely?

xo friends!



Teri said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the birthday celebrations this week..sounds fun:)

kelly said...

Happy birthday, lovely! It's my mom's birthday too. I think amazing people must have been born on this day! Enjoy! :)

fernandflora said...

Hooray for you friend! We are both so excited to celebrate with you and yours tonight! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

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